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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by millerlite87, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. millerlite87

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    Can someone or anyone else got this, I just check at upsers and notice that my current pay rate when down 11 cents from last paycheck?
  2. Some mistakes were made when the set all the pay rates for the new contract after it was ratified. At your PCM tomorrow they'll talk to you about the back pay that you owe them I believe you can pay in cash or just have the deduct from coming paycheck.
  3. millerlite87

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    That means I only got a 59 cent raise and not a 70.
  4. upschuck

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    When did you start at UPS? We can't help you if you don't give us details. You probably got 70¢, but that was absorbed into another raise that you got after Aug 1.
  5. millerlite87

    millerlite87 New Member

    I started in 2006 but went full time before new contract.
  6. upschuck

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    FT under the old contract should have gotten the 70¢ raise, in progression or not. Talk to your center manager, if he doesn't give you an acceptable explanation, then file a grievance under Art 41 Sec 1. He would know the specifics to your particular situation.
  7. millerlite87

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    I spoke with manager, theyre gonna find out what's going on cause from when we got the raise I did get a .70 cent but for some reason tomorrows check it has a 11cent decrease on my current pay rate.
  8. saintrick

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    Without more detail its anybody's guess so here is mine.

    You are in the southern region and were a part time cover driver at 85% of full rate.

    You went full time after 8/1/13. The part time cover rate would have increased .595. Part time cover drivers stay at the same rate once they go full time.
  9. millerlite87

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    I went full time before 8-1-2013
  10. Macho5699

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    I fall into a similar circumstance.

    I was hired 4/1/2013 making 17.99$
    Passed my seniority date 6/24/02 got no raise.
    Passed august, no raise.
    Grieved to get .70 in March 18.69
    Then hit my one year in 4/1/2014 and got nothing.

    Where should I be at now?
  11. Member

    I was hired. 4/2005 and went full time 9/2012. I originally got the raise as well but mine was also short 11¢ last week. I have management working on it.

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