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    Can anyone help me or advise me on what I should do. I Just started a 22.3 job about 1 1/2 months ago I was parttime for 11yrs. Since I took this job My paycheck has always been wrong. Either I'm getting the wrong pay amount & then get it taken back later or I'm not getting paid for my full work week & holiday pay. I have talked to my supervisors about this & they tell me the will send inquires about my pay but it keeps getting screwed up. I also do not have any benefits for this month it seems that ups dropped my coverage a month early & the teamsters are not picking me up until Aug 1........HELP............ Rick
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    Rick....I'm a union steward and I had a guy with a similar problem. His supervisor could not get it staightened out either, off the record he told me payroll was the problem and they really don't care about error's they fix them when they can. So the supervisor told me to call the employee complaint number. I did and not only was it taken care of by the following week they retroactived his benefits and pay and reimbursed all monies he paid out. I don't remember the number off hand but it should be posted somewhere in your building. It's called the Business Conduct Line, or maybe sombody on here could give it to you. Hope this was helpfull.
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    I'll definitely try it, I'm in Hagerstown, Md
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    This is what a grievance is for!!! If the pay is not taken care of in a certain amount of days, you will be given extra money as per the contract.
    You will be surprised how fast the correct amount will show up.
    After several attempts to correct my paycheck with the sups this is what I did and it was corrected and sent to me NEXT DAY AIR.
    Dragracer as a stewart YOU should know this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    No :censored2: MrBill.....But if you have any knowledge of the business conduct line the company hate's it when you call in a complaint, and the issue get's resolved faster! And from past experince when you grieve anything from payroll it's like throwing dart's in the dark. The payroll dept will just say there told to do this and told to that then the problem is back to the supervisor. And with the way payroll is handled know the supervisor's can only e-mail payroll they don't take call's. I've been threw this more time's than you have year's with the company, it get's a better response. The next time you want to give your opinion about somthing it help's to know both side's of the problem!!!!!
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    Mr Bill

    With all due respect sir, he does offer a valid option that many drivers dont use or dont know exists. Yes file a grievance, but if his area is the same as ours, payroll (which is in Dallas) really does not care, unless someone calls down there to raise some hell. When you call that toll free number, you will then have a person that raises hell on your behalf.

    Kinda like the guy last year that came by on this site and offered a 5 grand reward for finding his lost package. After two weeks of going through the proper channels, nothing. But after going outside of the regular ways of doing things, he had his package back in 48 hours. It just took someone high enough to become motivated enough to ring the right bells and hold someone accountable.

    So yes, file away. But if you want results, and permanent ones at that, sometimes you gotta think and do outside of the box.

    BTW, getting the extra pay you mentioned is also a chore at times, as that process can linger on for months without any results, with everybody blaming everybody else for the failure.

    Funny how you can get moved to the top of the to do list when you make that call.

    So just because you are a steward does not mean you can not use all the options at your disposal.


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    Dannyboy....Thank's that's all I was trying to get across. I'm all for filing a grievence, but somtimes you need to use different channel's for different situation's:thumbup1:
  8. dannyboy

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    Sometimes you have to get lazy management to understand that the grievance proceedure is not something to just let slide day after day.

    They need to understand that the same urgency that they want us to use for many day to day issues is the same urgency that we would like to see to rectify pay issues.

    Im all for following proper channels until such a time that they cease to produce results.

  9. palguy

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    I spoke to a steward down at my local union office and he said they are backlogged for months with grievances pertaining to this same situation. It took me 3 months to get paid when I filed. Next time I'm going to call that number instead. Talking to payroll didn't do a thing. Why should it? It's my money involved, not theirs.
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    Ups will give you the runaround until you stop telling them. You need to learn to file with the union thats what will get their attention. It will take awhile but I just retired at 50 with 31 years of service and my experince is to stand up for yourself and file for YOUR MONEY THAT YOU EARNED.
  11. Nothing gets ups moving like paying for not getting YOUR money to you on time. Fill the Grievance.
  12. ja4079

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    never in 27 yrs has my paycheck been late, wrong always every Friday like clock work don't understand how you can have problems
  13. over9five

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    File the greivance, and make sure you file for the penalty too. Don't be bothered that it may be a long time coming, it's money in the bank.
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    I called my union business agent, He made some calls for me & it seems now that my supervisors are looking into it more seriously. I was told that My pay willl be taken care of on my next weeks check, My pay is off by 26 hours including holiday pay, My benifits are still up in the air , I was told somone is working on them. I can say though that after I asked for the business conduct # it seemed like my supervisors wanted to help me out more, but I didn't get it though. I looked for it but couldn't find it, anybody know it??
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    In our area down the road from you it does not work that way due to the lazy sups.
    Save your attitude for your own battles, I only suggested the way it seems to work here. We have alot of pay problems here and they must have alot of problems every where that is why it is in the contract.
    The idots here pay me sick days while I am out on comp. I have to return the checks to put them back in the "bank":confused:1
  16. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    You are correct that they have many many problems with the pay. I dont know if the workers there in Texas are illegal and dont speak english, cant add or do math, etc. But they can really screw up a ton of stuff.

    But to be totally fair, many times it is a sup at the local center that was hurrying through the pay codes and just hit a wrong code for the driver. Kinda like your comp pay/sick days. $100 says it was a local mistake, either your sup or an OMS.

    As far as attitude, sorry if I came off wrong. Its just as many "battles" that I have been in over crap like this, you learn how to turn the heat up and get things done. After you have done it once, and they know you will again, things just seem to get done. Pay problems get moved to the top of the list.

  17. mrbill

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    No problem here, alot of us have the same problems.It sometimes seems it is done just to work us up, the same problems all the time.
    FYI 20 years same old BS with 10-20 different sups/ managers must me part of their jobs
  18. trickpony1

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    The bean counters in Atlanta know that there is a 50/50 chance the employee won't notice the mistake. Multiply that by how ever many employees the company has. It's a chunk of change.

    I know, I've heard the story about how the computer screwed it up. Computers only know what some human has typed into them.

    Okay, now it's time for all the management posters to tell me how paranoid/twisted/deranged I am.

    Your time starts now..........
  19. disneyworld

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    Still waiting.................
  20. over9five

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    "The bean counters in Atlanta know that there is a 50/50 chance the employee won't notice the mistake. Multiply that by how ever many employees the company has."

    I've said that many times.Think of the millions the company makes by making these pay "mistakes".

    Put me on the "paranoid/twisted/deranged" list too.