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    I just started working at UPS a few weeks ago. When I got hired to load package cars they told me I would start at $9.50 an hr. I got my first few paychecks and it says my current pay rate is $8.50 an hr, but my regular pay rate is $9.50 an hr. Am I being payed $8.50 until I pay off my union fees? I don't see though anywhere on the pay stub about the Union fees. If someone knows anything about this that would be great.
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    They are withholding $1/hr to pay for your PT sup drug test.:wink2:
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    Pay in your building is based on skilled or unskilled jobs, starting pay for unskilled work (unloading trailer, ) is $8.50 starting pay for skilled work (loading trucks, scanning) is $9.50. Some building pay skilled and unskilled work at different rate and some building pay everyone the same to start $9.50.
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    On the actual pay check stub it says Current Pay rate: $8.50 and then right under that it says Regular Pay-Rate- $9.50.. I don't understand.
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    I tried to help you but I guess it isn't working you might want to ask a steward , your SUP or the HR person that hired you.

    The Key words are SKILLED and UNSKILLED work
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    Current pay rate is your base pay, what they pay you for vacation and holidays ect.

    Where it says regular, this is the actual amount you're being paid. So you're getting paid the right amount, but I'd find out why your current pay isn't the same so you don't end up with less during vacations and such.

    As for union dues, it should be under taxes in the deductions section. If it's not there you're not paying dues, either because of some clerical delay or not actually signing up yet.
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    Edman32, go here: 09 Final UPS Master Agreemnt 2008-2013.pdf

    or here:
    and download the National Master Agreement. Then see Article 22, Section 5 (b).

    You are either on the $8.50 progression or the $9.50 progression. Ask a Steward. He'll look into it, and maybe fix it with Management if it needs fixing. Maybe you should be making $9.50, especially if you are preloading package cars.

    Union Dues and Initiation Fee are a seperate matter and will probably be taken out of your paycheck eventually, maybe after 30 days or so.
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    What happens is, if you are recieving a higher rate than your classification, you will have two rates on your paystub.

    For ex: my paystub says 24.57/hr current rate, however the "regular" rate on the stub is 24.42. The rate I am paid is the current rate, with the 15 cent shift differential. The extra dollar should be handled the same way, as a pay differential.

    multiply hours worked times each pay rate (8.50, 9.50). Very basic math should give you the answer as to what you are ACTUALLY being paid

    Bottom line: more than likely. the larger number is the actual rate you are being paid.