Peak is here! Let the Madness commence!

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    Peak has begun here in the Last Frontier. We always see an early start due to the payout of the Permanent Fund Dividend payout that every resident gets from the state the first week in October. Lot's of people with a windfall of cash are clicking the "Add to Cart" button and we all know that really means "Add to Package Car". :happy-very:

    I am cautiously optimistic.. the past couple of peaks they really had weak plans as far as seasonal drivers, helpers, and rentals were concerned. Last year this really bit us as we had days on end with packages being rolled over at the end of the day.

    This year we already have a few seasonals on the road and a number in class. center manager tells me there are plans to be put 67 cars on road at the top end of the season which is more than we have ever used and they are hiring more helpers as well. We already have our largest mall cut off the regular car and being delivered out of a TP-60 by a driver helper. My son is signing up to be a helper so I am hoping they find me a good split of thick resis that we can go out and bang out together.

    Still, first week of fourth quarter and I came in with 58.5 hours. Oh, well as they say "When it's time to make hay, you hay." We know this time is coming.. gotta remember too much work is better than not enough, smile and cash the paycheck!
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    Just think peak is here, now you have a helper so the days go faster, and you make the same money....... lol
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    not peak until a helper is on road
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    I sent out two helpers about two weeks ago. I guess that means peak has already started - or, that too many routes have been cut.

    Ohhh .. the irony.
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    I love peak it shows us that we are the best in the industry. Think about it we all move like 30 million packages. This is truly teamster logistics.
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    I only got about 27 words into your post when all I started to read was :greedy::greedy::greedy::greedy::greedy::greedy::greedy::greedy: