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  1. daniel895

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    Peak Season Employee

    Question. I am a peak season employee and I have a trip planed for a year i am taking the week of january 1-6 off and my supervisor says that there is a 100 percent i will get rehired after peak season. Should I worry and cancel my trip and stay around and see what they say or should i go and trust my supervisor.
  2. loserupser

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    Re: Peak Season Employee

    trust no one
    go on your tip and enjoy life!!
    I they decide to rehire you, the can call you and leave a message:cool:!
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    Re: Peak Season Employee

    Go and talk to Human Resources to clear this up. I was in the same position a year ago. They didn't have a problem with me being off at the beginning of the year. Its slow anyways.
  4. daniel895

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    Re: Peak Season Employee

    I had the center manager approve my time off. Is he higher then hr and the manager told i will be rehired should i trust him.
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    Re: Peak Season Employee

    It depends on the manager. I had three UPS managers when I was an inside employee that I trusted. They were honest, treated me well, etc. I had one that screamed and yelled at me all the time. I had two decent convo's with the man. I guess the question is: what's your feeling about your manager? And I am a temp driver helper, so I'm in almost the same boat. I've gotten nothing but positive feedback from the drivers I've helped. I dono if UPS'll offer me a job in the New Year or not.
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    I was hired for the holiday season, but am sitting around waiting for a call. Was suppose to start today and called in as driver had not called and now to call back at 11. Should I look for another seasonal job? Need the money. Is this a typical thing to hire and not use an employee?:dissapointed:
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    Yes it is typical. Next time you call in express that you may not be able to continue sitting by the phone. Ask if you will be used or not. You've been through orientation and "trained" and they may just bring you in and work you so you don't quit before they really need a body. Good luck.
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    Re: Peak Season Employee

    You didn't say what your position is. My guess is your supervisor knows that there is a job that needs to be filled. Talk to your supervisor and his manager to get a better feel for the situation. Right now - you have no other choice but to trust what they tell you. But you need to ask the right questions and find out if they are going to hire someone. Your manager will know if he/she has an open requisition that has been approved. If they have an approved requisition and they tell you are the guy than go with it.

    But I do agree that it is probably slow enough that they can get by without you for 3 or 4 days.
  9. companal2

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    Go on your trip. Things are extremely slow in January and most of the hiring of rehires will be phased in as they are needed. More than likely, that's the case in your center and they have the flexibility to rehire you after you return. Upsers are notorious for "dangling the carrot."
  10. DazedandConfused

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    I was lucky to get hired after my first term as a Christmas helper. But I didn't start until the end of April. They are really slow in the beginning of the year, so my advice is to go on your vacation and have fun. Trust your gut mostly as it is the only thing you can in the UPS world. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    3 years ago, Daniel left for his trip, and hasn't been seen since.:surprised: