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    FedEx says they will handle 9.8 million packages on their busiest many are predicted that UPS will handle on their peak day?
  2. according to this last year we did over 20 million on our biggest day last year, I can only imagine it'd be more this year
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    Every peak....busiest day is usually a 3-5% increase I believe.
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    I'm skipping peak this year. It's called Military Leave.

    HAHAHAHA, you all have fun slaving away. I gotta do my two weeks sometime, might as well be the two weeks before Christmas ;)
  5. And you deserve it for serving our country
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    Im gonna say more due to the fact that more and more people are getting comfortable with using the internet.
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    Good luck and be safe playing in the sand box.
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    UPS expects package deliveries to peak at 20 million today

    UPS expects to deliver 20 million packages on its peak day today, up 11% over its peak day last year, Dec. 16, when it delivered 18 million packages. The number of deliveries is 50% above its average daily volume of 13.3 million, the company reports. UPS expects to handle 12 million package tracking requests at its web site, a third more than its usual 7.9 million daily requests.

    The company expects to deliver 300 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    UPS’s air express service still has a few days to wait for its peak day when UPS expects to deliver 4 million air express packages next Tuesday, Dec. 23. That’s almost double air express’s usual volume. Last year, its air express volume crested on Christmas Eve with 4.5 million packages.

    UPS reports that it has added 50,000 seasonal employees and a dozen jets in addition to its usual 600. In addition, the number of flights during peak delivery week increase 45% over normal.
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    We were just told that our volume will increase 16% over last year. Hard to believe. Volume has been up all year though and people are shopping much more over the internet.