Pension after 25, 30 or 35 years?

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  1. Hello, I recently got promoted to a fulltime PC driver in the NJ area and I keep hearing senior drivers saying work 25 years and retire. But I looked at the High lights from the most recent contract and under the Pension changes I only see 30 or 35 years of service pension options, So are the drivers wrong? You cant retire until you work atleast 30 years? And another question, you get 1 year credit towards your pension if you work 2080 hours for the year. Does that mean 2080 hours of regular hours or can I add my OT hours into that? Thanks!
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    1801 hours equals 1 fulltime pension year. ot hours have a long way to go. Just shoot for year 2 now..1 at a time..
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    I'm surprised Dave hasn't jumped in here.

    It's my understanding that OT hours DON'T count towards a pension year.....only your straight time hours count.
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    That is correct. Your benefits are based on 40 hours.
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    Dave just got home after a day spent with family in Albany.
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    Oh crap...we thought you quit posting.
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    How is the little girl?

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    No one retires at 25 years. Many say they will but none do. (unless they didn't start at UPS until they were 40). Does the Teamsters even have a 25 and out program anymore?
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    corn on the cob or a sex toy?
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    The west has a service pension of 80. Add your age and years of service, so a 30 year old employee , when hired could work 25 years and retire at age 55.
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    Dave's not home Man!
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    How would a 30 year employee only work 25 years?
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    A 30 year old employee works 25 years to 55 years old.

    55 plus 25 years equals 80.

    Boom, you can retire.
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    not sure
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    I started at age 30, as soon as I hit 55 I was out of there. I feel for those who started at a younger age and had to put in more years
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    I was hired at 28 years old and retired just over a year ago after 25 1/2 years. It just depends on where you're located and which agreement you have in that area.
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    I'm done at 52 1/2 years old
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    You must work at least 500 hours each year.