pension and retirement


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What is the standard age for retirement at UPS or how many years do I have to put in before I can get out of this hell.
I have 7 years part time and 1 year full time in so far.
Whats the average pension at retirement, couple thousand per month?


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Depends highly on what section of the country you're in. I've seen statements from people in the centrals saying after 25 years they are only getting $400/mo after taxes, which is basically the definition of criminal. Here in metro philly, most guys that have 20-25 years in, are looking at $3-4k a month. Also, they really rape PT'ers on the pension thing, it doesn't even count as half usually (7 will work out to like 2.8-3.2 years)


Hey Underpaid, When you retire and how much you get depends on when you start and your total contributions at that time. There is a minimum amount of time you will have to put in. The more full-time you put in the better for you. The part-timers that do retire seem like they've been there forever. I started P/T 1987 & friend/T 1989 so I'm comming into my 20th year. Our retirement on the West Coast is figured on age and years of employment. You will need to contact your pension plan where you are. If you start when you're 20 you might have to do 30 years. If you start when you're 30 you have to do about 25 years. I'm pushin' 50 and still pushin' cardboard!


I have 22 yrs at ups. I don't think I will be able to stay the 10more that I have to, per teamsters, to get a pension. I can only hope that the new contract helps us out. Central states of course. 25 and out or 30 and out are no more. Local 339 told me I have to stay till I am 57 yrs old. I dont really understand it all, and I don't trust Teamsters or ups, All I know is I wont make it 10 more.