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    If I'm interpreting this correctly, were you in one of the those UPS pension plans as outlined in Article 34 of the National Master Agreement? If yes, I would contact the plan administrator about your situation. Just speculation on my part, but generally speaking, I would think you should be vested in both plans and should be able to receive pension checks from both.
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    All part time people pay union dues and are covered under the UPS retirement plan.

    Why would not a clerk be in the same shoes?

    Yes he will receive checks from both, just a lot less than he is due for the time served.

    In some cases $1000-1800 less.

    THere in lies the rub, and the untruths told by both the company and the union.

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    This is my 1st post and the shroud of pension secrecy concerns me. I have kept all my pay stubs sice day 1. Im aligned with Central States. Worked 7 1/2 years hourly, before I got into what the company and the union call "full time" however the last 3 years of what they refer to as "part time" I was a "cover" driver. Everyone knows how that language was abused since cover drivers were making 2/3 of a "full time" drivers pay in the early to mid 90's. They would work us cover drivers longer hours than everyone else and give days off to full timers which I thought was a misinterpretation of the contracts language by the company. My question is if I worked over 750 hours each year during my PT years, how does this play into my total pension in the end and what age restrictions are there whith this combo mess? It sucks that labor laws have been eroded so much that 40 hours dont mean jack! Is it also true that you cant work in the same trade after you retire? I wish there was a website that had a "formula" that you could get a good idea of benefits. I wish the company would not have to subsidize the other teamster pensions, and maybe we get a break on rooms in Vegas by flashing that membership card for past "loans".[​IMG] Have a nice day!
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    The way it was explained to me is that regardless of the number of hours you worked your job, if you are classified part time, you are part time. You might work 50 hours a week at the same job, but still be classified as part time.

    With the classification comes the part time retirement.

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    Funny thing is that at UPS, ask five different people and you get five different answers, and none is the correct one.[​IMG]
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    HR in my area is a joke. Put in a reference for someone in Hawaii,for driver helper, from my center, and they couldnt forward it on. Happens every year, but somehow the kid always gets hired, by talking to a driver in the area about who to call. As far as finding out about my retirement, I gave up. 2 yrs pt they tell me doesnt count, have to have five yrs. 6 yrs PT mgmt, no one knows how that will count, so I guess I only have 11 yrs. those are full time. I just know when I get ready to go, I will go with what I have. I get more grey hair trying to make an educated decision. Chatted on here before about it, and like a previous poster says, you get a different answer every time you ask.
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    I think this issue needs to be addressed in the next contract if not sooner as a defined printout from both the company and union on the same page. Damn, they can get on the same page for sales leads. This is an outrage to keep us in the dark on both sides. Everyone I talk to that either retired or is related to a GM or Ford retiree is taken care of with no BS. And their companies loose money out the *** at times. ACCOUNTABILITY PERIOD. Probably need to start a new thread: IBT vs UAW.
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    Dannyboy: All part time people pay union dues and are covered under the UPS retirement plan.

    That isn't true in the Northeast. The union administers all teamster pensions.
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    The union administers all teamster pensions.

    The fact is that part timers are not in the teamsters pension plans, they are under the company pension plan, therefor the company has jurisdiction over those plans. As I said before, just because you are in the union does not mean you will ever draw a union pension.

    We have had several part time employees that are going to retire, all have been union employees since day one. Yet none will draw one cent from a union retirement plan, all will get their checks from UPS retirement..

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    They are trying to pull some crap like this here too. The joint council board is made up of a bunch of old retired freight guys, and several retired manager/owners of those companies, some of which are not even in business anymore. Not one UPS man or UPS manager is on the board, even though the membership is 85-90% UPS employees.

    I think it is time to take a more active roll in what is going on. We work too hard to support our retirement to allow someone else to take it away.

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    dannyboy - sorry - but the company does not cover all part time pensions.

    my2cents - you're right - I shouldn't have said the Northeast, I should have said in the New Englands the teamsters cover the part time pension. .
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    For how long has the pension plan covered part timers?

    Could you send me a document from the first time they started covering the part time employees?


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    I have a copy of the Fund's "Dates of Major Changes" schedule and found nothing about the origin of the part-time pension benefit. My guess is the benefit was introduced in a past collective bargaining agreement, although it must have been sometime after 1958, which is when the Fund was established. If its any consolation, I know a couple of part-timers who have been with the company since the mid-seventies and are expecting to draw a pension from the Fund within the next few years or so.
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    It is so interesting how one area of the country can be so different than the others.

    Glad to know that somewhere they took care of the problem early on, and not waited until most of the people were looking to retire, and then start the pointing of fingers while saying dont look at me, its not my fault.

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    Any interested, I have found out there are 3 different pension funds. The UPS retirement fund for hourly part time people, the Pension fund for all management people and depending on where your at the teamsters fund which I understand is mostly Central States. The Pension fund and the retirement fund are reciprical of one another and the Central States fund is only reciprical with the Pension fund. I THINK..... I'M SO CONFUSED!!!!!![​IMG]
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    Just apply/appeal all 3.