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    Got a question
    Applied for my pension finally after waiting 18 years how long does the process take? will UPS send me back paperwork to sign? they told me the projection date would be August 1st for my first check but I haven't heard a peep from them thanks for the responses in advance
  2. Is your pension through the company or the union?
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  4. Ours is through the union. Lots of hoops to jump. I don't know why everything is such a big mystery.
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    Mine is through both. Sent for an estimate, took 90 days, and file your papers 2 months before your retire date to get it started on time
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    How old are you? Over 62?
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    I have a question... Is there a web site we can check our pension credits... Also, is it possible to make up credits some how, and if so, how would I go about that? Thanks
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    1.Probably but good luck finding it

    2 work more years
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    Depends on your pension fund. My local had a website that showed every pension credit.
  10. A pension credit is over 20k a year. And I don't think we can buy them like some public sector unions.
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    I heard of employees getting extra credits for picking up trash in the parking lot .
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    My union uses Hours ( 1800 ) worked per year for a full year of pension credit, you need 250 hrs just to get 2 months credit, which is the min..