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    "It is the policy of Fedex Express to compensate employees in accordance with applicable state and federal law. No employee should perform work "off the clock" for any reason, whether on their own initative or at the request of management. Any request to work off the clock should be immediately reported to the employee's matrix Human Resources Adviser.

    So why did 5 employees at my station report to work 45-60 minutes early work pre-tripping their trucks and reorganizing the load in their trucks, while management is standing their interacting with these employees ?

    These 5 employees along with 2 managers need to be given warning letters, IMMEDIATELY !

    For crying out loud, don't (managers) hand us out flyers with the latest FedEx policy, then turn around and refuse to enforce that same policy to your own employees !
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    well well,

    sounds like Home Delivery!

    we load / pre-sort our own vehicles as well, but not get paid for that

    i usually log my start time ~30 minutes before I drive out of the building. That way, i can keep my overall weekly hours to a minimum because I want to start early everyday (when I become FT over the summer).

    We don't get paid by the hour, so that's how some of us circumvent the DOT service hours for the week.


    Ground seems to be the only division that gets their package vehicles pre-loaded/sorted...

    do they have ROADS operating there now? I know when I was trying it out, a manager had pulled my boxes to do just that (that was 3 years ago, so i know it's in place) & they placed it in stop order for me.
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    Warning letters? That's grounds for termination. You should gather the witnesses and contact your senior manager, HR rep, district manager and MD. Be prepared to offer written statements and don't leave out any details.

    Posting about it here won't do you any good.
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    Well Frank send a nicely worded note to HR, you can do so anonymously.(somehow)

    We had a bunch of SAT drivers who come in 40min early and get the printout of all the inbound freight
    and they sit and plot out their day.
    One nicely worded message to HR and it stops.

    There really is no need for what they do, not to mention they are cheating themselves out of $$ as looking up stops
    and reading maps is part of the job, just do it on the road.
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    I agree with what you say, they should do it on the road. However, if they choose to come in early and do it off the clock with no push from management, why should it bother you? And I doubt there's anything HR can do about it.
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    Perhaps not much HR could do, but the printouts should not be provided prior to start time(or at all)
    as for the guys working in trucks before start time, that's a huge liability for the worker, and fedex
    if said worker gets injured at 820AM and worker doesn't start till 900AM, it makes for a bad situation.
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    The Sr. Manager is aware of these practices. She busted a swing driver, and all she did was send the guy back to the check-in room until he could clock in officially. It's a waste of time. I just wanted to point out something most couriers are already aware is going on.
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    I agree fredly00, but these couriers I work with are so desperate to run 100% onroad everyday that they are willing to roll the dice and break all the rules to do it. More power to them !
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    I thought about it, and the company needs to make sure we are in legal compliance on a lot of different issues
    so working of the clock actually is something they should be and will enforce if they are "reminded" Think about the law suits
    in CA. where people were coming in "early" for years to set up their trucks or do something related to their jobs. They all sued and got years of back pay. Imagine what 10minutes a day for 25years might add up to..

    Do yourself a favor, and let your co-workers know that they are letting $$ fly out the door.
    And let HR know, HR is an interesting animal, they like to get involved in petty things.. ;) (this isn't one of those petty things though)
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    In my 20 years of service I've learned that on certain issues a FedEx employee may be experiencing with the company, HR is not always a couriers best friend. As a matter of fact, I have had to learn the hard way that the HR Department's first responsibility is to "Protect the interest of FedEx", First ! So with the direction fedex is headed, just don't be surprised if you need the support of HR, only to find out HR does not have your back. That is all.
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    You're right hr won't do anything but it makes it difficult for other drivers who don't come in early to work off the clock. Then the mgr is all over them to hit numbers that another courier got because that other courier did half their job off the clock. It skews everyones numbers when this kind of thing happens. Including the managers who are out there handling packages..


  13. 59 Dano

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    HR's job is to make sure the policies are applied properly. Granted, no one goes to HR unless he feels he's in the right. Some employees are worse at interpreting policy than others, and HR rarely sides with them. I've known a lot of those. Some are pretty good at interpreting policy and have had success with HR. I've known a couple of those.