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    I live in az..have been package car driver for 18 years...was recently diagnosed with cyst on my brain, it could prevent me from driving...what happens if i can't drive ever again? pension? would i live?..
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    If there are other jobs that aren't driving that you would otherwise be qualified for, it would be a "Reasonable Accommodation" under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Check with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

    By the way, did you drive a diesel or gas package car, if so how long? Just curious.
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    I know where your going with this one....are you sure it's not all the cell phone brain issues that are showing up now???. Personally I would be more concerned with the cloud of diesel in the building in the morning
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    I was permanently disabled in an off the job accident on June 3, 2003. I was hit by a truck on my bicycle. I had worker for UPS for 23 1/2 years at the time. Although the insurance paid for my medical bills and subsequent surgeries, there was no effort made to accommodate me with a Job that I could perform. I was still convalescing in June 2006 when the Company informed me that they were severing our relationship. Although I attempted to work at other jobs, my injuries were too sever. I was awarded Social Security Disability in January. I own my own home outright, and the taxes and insurance are still affordable, so I do get by. I will be filing to receive my pension at 62, but I have learned to enjoy life with little money. But UPS did nothing to help me return to work at an accommodation position. Big Brown want us all to feel like one big happy family, until they can replace you for a cheap new hire!
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    I am very sorry for the cards that you have been dealt, but.....just how was UPS supposed to accomodate you?
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    First of all I will keep you in my prayers, then advise you to worry about your health first and call and inform the union.Go on the fam leave act so job is held.Your health is the most important thing right now. best of luck to you driver!!
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    I know of a guy who got hurt enough not to be able to drive anymore and the company is paying for his schooling so he can enter the workforce again. But that may only apply to on the job injuries...
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    You should also be getting a Disability Pension from your Pension Fund.
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    Contact an attorney. You will then know what your rights are.
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    Apply for a management position...plenty of them have the same condition
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    This is a thoughtless statement. Trade places with the OP and we'll see how casual you will be about his situation. Idiot.
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    my bad...was meant to be a dig at management,not to belittle his situation.
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    UPS should take care of their people that are injured.
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    But they dont....and wont....its not cost effective
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    We hope and pray that all goes well with your health and subsequent employment.

    Your post touches a subject that I've never really contemplated. It proves once again, that our world can change in an instance.

    May GOD, give you the wisdom to deal with this whole ordeal.
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    That is what makes them so vile.
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    Does it make you feel better about yourself to be a jerk to people on line????
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    Apparently. Oh, am I drawing attention to myself?