personal cell phone and UPS ????

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Ms Spoken, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. Ms Spoken

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    I was just wondering if most you have gave UPS your cell number? They had mine for awhile but, it just seamed that I couldnt get anything done because they kept calling. They would say hey __ could you please go do__,or do you have__,what time will you __. It was never hey you did a good job yesterday or thanks for taking care of something so I marked my number off the list. It has been months since I have ever got a call from UPS and then the other night they called. I looked at the caller ID and debated weather to answer and wondered how did they have my number. UPS had the new OMS give me a call thinking I wouldnt get upset at her. When she announced who she was all I said was "why are you call my phone and how did you get my number" You could hear my Sup in the background telling her what to say and to top that whole phone call off they wanted to come and get my pick-ups off me. Thats the last thing any driver wants to hear because that means there is no help and you have to stay out till your finished. UPS doenst pay my phone bill so they dont need to be calling my phone unless they have an emergency (like a driver down).

    So here is my question for everyone who uses thier personal phone for UPS business. Do you deduct your cell phone bill off your taxes at the end of the year if you use it for work?
  2. dannyboy

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    You could if that is the main reason for your phone. If you pay by the minute, then all the time spent can be deducted. Problem is that you would have to show that it is necessary and normal for your line of work. It is less so now that we have in car comunication with the center.

    Deduct it anyway.

  3. wily_old_vet

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    How much would it cost just to have your number changed? Or can you have UPS's number blocked by your carrier? :biggrin:
  4. Ms Spoken

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    I dont want to block UPS because if there is an emergency I dont mind them calling. Some parts of my route UPS cant mesg me because of the rural area and I dont get any communication from them till around 3pm when I'm in another area.
  5. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    The center does not have my cell number, so can not call me.

    However, I once gave it to my direct sup (I don't remember why, maybe ODS was down?). He used it that one time, and never since. That was a trust issue. I trusted him not to abuse it, and he didn't.

    I do use it for the company (bad adds, no co names, etc).

    Gal, did you know there are cell plan discounts at I signed up, and it saves me $11 a month. Might make you feel better about them calling you on it.
  6. rushfan

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    We had a supervisor who would call us constantly instead of using ODS system in the diad. I told him to stop calling me on my phone since ups doesn't pay my bill. He didn't stop, so I would ignore the phone calls. That didn't make him happy.
  7. Unregistered

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    Around here you better make sure you have the silver Property Pass on anything you bring to work.

    When you apply for the pass you agree to be contacted (in the case of a cell phone) or you dont get the pass.

    At one time they agreed to reimburse minutes but required you to submit a copy of your bill. They find a single call to/from home (or non-UPS call) when youre on the clock and youre stealing time.

    Four or five people fell for that one. Good/bad part of it is that theres not much your union can do because YOU documented what you were doing and when.

    Simple enough though. If you dont want to be contacted on your cell leave it at home or in your car.
  8. Ms Spoken

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    At first I really didnt mind them calling but like Rush said they started abusing this and wouldnt ODS me because it would take too long for an answer. I also stopped answering my phone and then they would ODS me right after that. But, it looks like they are going back to their old ways again. I'm with a local cell plan and I get free unlimited min and yes I use this phone to call my customers if I'm running late or to find a bad address. Most of my larger customers have my number also.
    My problem is with peak already here I dont have the time to be on the phone with UPS. That is what ODS is for.
    I was told I couldnt deduct my phone on taxes unless I have UPS's name on my phone bill.
  9. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Then I think you should change your number. Theres really no reason for them not to use ODS. Even if you're in a "dark" area, eventually they'll get a message to you.
  10. pt_oms

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    I have phone number for all the drivers in my center, but I also have notes on who likes to be called instead of being odsed, and I respect their decisions. Sometimes I will ODS a drivger and he willl respond asking me to call him. It all comes down to trust. And if an on road asks me for some drivers cell # I will never give it to them, The driver trusted me with it and I will not betray that trust
  11. retired2000

    retired2000 Active Member

    do you think they use your cellphone instead of ods because it costs ups money ever time they use the ods system and you pay when they call you. they are not dumb you know.:scared:
  12. tieguy

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    I face the same conflict . I carry a personal cell phone. I choose not to carry a company phone because there are times I actually want to turn the cell phone off and relax. I know I am gratefull to those drivers who carry cell phones and allow us to call them direct with any questions. You folks who carry them and use them to call customers and let them know when you're running late do us a huge favor.
  13. xracer

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    I have previously posted on here about this same subject because I had a problem with the oms clerk in our bldg calling my cell phone as many as 6 times in a half hour time period. After several requests were made by me for her to stop calling me on my personal phone, some of which got extremely heated, the situation persisted so I ended up filing a greivance against her and the oncar sup who had deceitfully obtained the number. I did not want to take this route but they left me with no alternative, and this did alleviate the problem. I do write off half of my cell phone bill on taxes annually because I do use it frequently to assist in packages with bad addresses and I leave my number on some del notices where there is a signature required so the customer can catch up with me later to sign for their package which is mutually beneficial for myself and the customer..
  14. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    I think you should confront the management person with a shop steward present. Tell him how you feel and give him clear instructions on calls you will allow him to make to you on your cell phone. I hope you can work it out because your customers certainly benifit from your carrying it.

    A small consolation your actually being paid for the time your talking to the center on your cell phone.
  15. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    only when it helps

    I have a phone and a partner phone which I use has the smaller 14.95 a month charge. I can call home free. the rest of it is all ups related, and I claim it on my taxes every year. My boss has it and only calls when it will benefit me or if it has something to do with something on my route which takes too long to ODS, explain, or to answer. I never answer if I am driving so they usually ODS me to call. I faithfully keep the bill and highlight anything which isnt UPS related and it is a very small amount.
  16. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Tooner, give me your cell!!! I'll call every night:lips: :lips:
  17. InTheRed

    InTheRed New Member

    I don't know of anyone in our building who gets called by their management team. Where we are, the ODS reception is good enough that messages are received nearly instantly, especially now with the new DIAD IV's.
  18. Unregistered

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    I get cell calls, and the whole amount will be deducted from
    my taxes this year, more than 75% of my calls are work related.

    Speaking of ODS communications... our new PEAK DIADS (DIAD III)
    recieve ODS without the need for a DIVA... kinda freaky.
  19. Ms Spoken

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    "always leave a paper trail"

    And that is the way it should be all time like InTheRed said that way you leave a paper trail eveytime you send a mesg or get one. A phone call sometimes doesnt get relayed so it will be your word against the OMS who took the call.
  20. InTheRed

    InTheRed New Member

    indeed UPSGal...if they ever want to talk to you they will send you a message on the diad that says "call the ctr ask for ...." I can't imagine drivers getting called more than occasionally by a ctr that has their number.