PETA are at it again

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    If it were not for the hunters that thin the deer and other rapidly reproducing animal, many of the animals would then over poplulate to the point when most would starve.

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    and then again, if it weren't for the hunters that killed off all the non-human predators there would be no overpopulation of so-called "game" animals.

    Killing animals for fun or sport in no way helps the animals no matter how much you twist your logic.
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    I agree danny that it has to be done because of the fact that their natural preditors have been decimated or eliminated (not saying this is good or bad, just a fact) and actually referenced to that, but you don't believe that's why the average hunter puts out the bucks (sorry, no pun intended ) and uses his free time and vacations to go out and hunt do you?
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    just a little hunting humor....

    A wife kept complaining to her husband they never did anything together. That she was a hunting widow & wanted to learn how to hunt. So, the husband bought her a gun, license, took her to the NRA hunting safety course, etc. First day of deer season he sends her west while he goes east. After 5 mintues he hears what sounds like a small arms firefight about where his wife went. He stops hunting & goes to see what is going on. He finds his wife pointing her rifle at a cowboy who is standing up against a tree with his hands up. The cowboy is saying, "All right, Lady, all right. The deer is yours. Just let me get my saddle off of it."
  5. I am a hunter and I am getting ready for my week in the woods, Hunting is a family tradition, seeing as when my family showed up in the NEW World stores had not crossed over yet. Hunting has fed my father`s family in the harsh North in hard times, (my grand father was a lumberjack) Hunting saved a lot of families in the depression. The skills I have come from family members who pass on their knowledge and wisdom, I hope to pass them on to my daughters( they have already started to ask for their first hunting trip). Hunting trips are also a great time for bonding with your friends and family who also hunt. Hunting and fishing are and will remain an important part of my life, not only because of the game I bag, but more because of the link to my forefathers,( they landed in Nouvelle-France in 1641). Our goverment came out with a law a few years ago criminalising any act that prevented a hunter or fisher from enjoying his sport.
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    You can paint your picture any way you want. Predators can not live very well with cows and sheep and in places, children, that we raise. So something had to go.

    Not coloring, just stating fact.

    As for the wholesale butchery that happened in the past to certain animal groups, dont blame it on todays hunter.

    As for me hunting, I used to go all the time. Enjoyed hunkering down so well the turkeys even walked over me.

    As for nature lovers, dont see many out there when the temps are near 20 before daylight, and not move a muscle for hours.

    And while I do occasionally kill something that needs killing, I rarely go out anymore to hunt with the intention of "bringing home supper"

    I guess I am at a point in my life that I have seen enough death, it is so easy to snuff it out. Rather I would celebrate life and let live.

    BUt I do not by any means think less of those hunters that do bag game legally and humanely.

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    Hunting as a sport is confusing to me. I've always thought of sports as a competive sort of thing. Hiding up in a tree with a big gun waiting for deer to walk by doesen't seem like a sport to me. Give the deer a gun and some booze and the odds might even up. I'd rather watch football..........

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    I do my hunting and fishing at the grocery store. If it doesn't say Mrs. Paul's, throw it back.

    Seriously though, I just don't see any appeal to hanging out in the woods all day freezing my butt off looking for dinner.
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    While I do not really see hunting as a sport, there would be others that do. As for the appeal, it would be like other things people do like Skiing snow and water, white water rafting etc. ITs not for everybody.

    But when you do, there are things you will see that very few people ever see, and that coupled with the fact that it is an experience that can bring people together and a group, makes it worth while.

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    Hunting as a sport is confusing to me.

    Hunting is a sport only in the sense that the hunters vie to kill the most or the biggest.

    It's not a sport between man and beast where both competitors have an equal chance.

    Wrestling is considered a sport but if one of you (a hunter for example) stepped into a rasslin' ring with me it would not be a sport.

    It would be strickly for entertainment (mine).

    I would be the would be the huntee!


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    Having recently enjoyed a fishing trip off of Ventura, Ca., let me just say that it was a good way to bond with other fisherman on the boat. It was a form of friendly competition, even with a small wager that goes to the person who lands the "big one". It also is a lot of fun to pull something in using your baiting techniques and playing the fish: oftentimes the fish does win. In the end, I have something in my freezer which I caught myself, and that does have some satisfaction to it.
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    Nascar as a sport is confusing to me.

    Going around and around in circles would make me dizzy!

    Are Nascar drivers "athletes"? How about golfers?
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    I thought you were refering to PETA being upset over the head of Go Daddy.Com filming himself shooting an elepanat