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    I read the email from Capt. Miller to the IPA members. It seems that the Jun bid package will have 300 less people bidding. That is 10% of the work force. Now the bid starts Aug flying, and that means the company is will to fly less planes during peak.
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    In one of the other posts it had a breakdown of the salary of pilots and this was one of the bullet points for the UPS cargo airline..... UPS can add/cut flights daily if the need arises theyll pull the pilots out and put the planes in the air. Its just a precautionary measure (from what the site said) because the IPA requires 90 days notice of a furlough.
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    OK post the letter.
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    There is a link on airlinepilotcentral.com.
  5. Actually the company is trying to avoid a furlough and would like to work with the IPA to cut costs prior to Jun 1st - if they cannot come to an agreement then there is the potential for up to 300 pilots to be furloughed.
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    Tellitstraight always wants to talk about money, I'm wondering why he didnt mention that UPS wants the pilots to give back 54 million dollars to a multi-billion dollar a year profitable company. If I were a pilot I'd tell UPS to pack sand
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    Tellitstraight nust not want to talk about how a company that makes billions a year wants the pilots to give back 54 million. Typical.
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    You brought that up a couple days ago...I havent heard anything about it, care to elaborate?
  9. Sorry missed your question earlier 767mech -

    When are we supposed to start worrying about costs? Does the company have to start bleeding before management does the responsible thing and start worrying about costs? Yes UPS made 6.6 billion dollars LAST year but the economy has continued to deteriorate around the globe. Our credit rating was downgraded last week due to continued weakness, this is a real crisis and if we are not proactive the toll will be greater then the 300 pilots, 60 mechs, and I don't know how many drivers. UPS closed two night sorts in Feb, we only have 6 (our of 29) DC8's flying and a surplus of 757's at the moment. The responsible thing to do is to talk to the IPA and try to come up with a solution to save the 300 jobs and to bring costs in line with our competition so we can be competitive in a difficult market. The irresponsible thing to do is to just start cutting jobs without at least having a dialogue with the union. If the company and union can come up with a way to save $54 million great - if not then it will be a sad day at UPS Airlines to see 300 of our professional aviators furloughed.
  10. One last thought - how long do you think the 6.6 billion would be around if all the groups that keep pointing at that money actually dipped into it? I have been reading these forums for a while and I have seen the drivers, pilot, mechanics, and management all point to that figure as a reason why they should not have to give anything up. I agree it's a big pie but that money is put back into the business to make sure we have a stable business. It does not take much to get into financial trouble - one year ago would you have thought that companies like Circuit City, or GM would be gone or teetering on the brink? How about two years ago with Bear Stearns or a host of others? I for one am willing to put up with some short term pain for long term gain. Don't cut off your nose to spite your face!
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    I read the letter and I also know about some of the internal plans. I don't view this the way it was portrayed here.

    UPS has looked at flight schedules as well as air hub closings. The analysis has shown that UPS can reduce 300 pilots. UPS plans on giving the required 90 day notice beginning June 1st.

    UPS planners have a responsibility to move packages the most efficiently. These changes will unfortunately furlough 300 pilots.

    The IPA executive board wants to keep all pilots working. They feel they have some expert schedulers and planners at their disposal that can "generate cost savings for the company".

    I don't know if the IPA oferred this or if UPS did, but according the the IPA memo, the company said that if the IPA can come up with $54M cost savings, the company would consider not having a furlough.

    Capt Miller said:

    "You can clearly see the nice package that has been laid on our doorstep by the Company. We can spend time being frustrated, angry, or we can roll-up our sleeves and get to work creating options that will both protect our jobs and our contract. The Executive Board is focusing on the later."

    The IPA thinks UPS is inaccurate in the amount of savings its new moves will generate. They said they were analyzing that.

    Assuming UPS is correct in its calculated savings (and from what I know the numbers are accurate), its up to the IPA if they want to look at other options.

    So I don't see this as UPS "asking the piliots to give back 54M".

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    If the case is as Pretzel says it is....its not asking for 54 million back, wording it that way insinuates that UPS is trying to take money from the IPA but in fact asking them to come up with a solution to prevent furloughs by finding 54 million in cost savings.
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    if we park planes then the sensible thing to do is furlough pilots. just like the aircraft mechanics are getting laid off. with more layoffs to come. i'm tired of catering to upper mgmt and the IPA. bring back all the mechanics and quit outsourcing our work. bring it inhouse
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    UPS is not interested in saving money with aircraft maintenance. This airline is being run by the box side and they only know how to count beans. Mean while Fedx is bringing in more maintenance because they can do it cheaper and faster than these vendors that have teenagers and illegal's working for them.
    Why hasn't UPS asked there Aircraft technicians how they could save money? I guarantee you that our mechanics are far superior to any outsource vendor and highly motivated to prove what they can do.
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    I hear this a lot but don't know anything about the airline side of the business... where (or to whom) did we outsource airline maintenance? They seem to be doing a lot of UPS repairs in San Antonio, are those UPSers or is this the outsourced company?
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    That would be singapore aerospace. They do a lot of our DC 8 and A300 work.
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    6.6 billion. We already helped them save money by voting yes on the last contract that took away benefits for future new hire part-timers for 1 year compared to 90 days and 1.5 years for dependents instead of 90 days. Can you imageine the amount of money saved in premiums? It also created a trickle down effect for us to never hire that 30 year old part-timer with 2 kids and a wife looking to work for the benefits. They are not going to come here and work 1.5 years for the kid to go tot he doctor on UPS. We will continue to now only hire thugs that live with grandma and are 23 years old and no wife. They might have kids, but do not claim them.
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    Thanks Unionman, good info.

    Looks like FedEx outsources to them as well...
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    Could some of you air mechs verify something for me? Was or is Delta airlines interested in doing UPS aircraft maintenence? I heard the top mgt of both firms were talking to each other about it a while back.