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    Hi im Thomas,

    I work at the Louisville hub in Kentucky and last night my fulltime supervisor called me asked me to come to work early that night at 11:45 PM when I got to the belt she told me to meet her at I seen 5-6 Supervisors working and 3 union workers loading A1's about 6-7 of them, to find out the building on day shift broke down that day and they left all the packages there in the building till night shift came in.

    My fulltime supervisor said she had known about the building breaking down at 2 PM that day and tried to contact union employees later that night, I got the call at 9:30 PM to come in at 11:45 when I got there the job was more then half way done there had to be over 10thousand packages left in the building (including the ones in bags)

    She told me also when she got the call she wasnt worried about the building being broke down she was worried about sleeping, so here is my complaint.

    She known about it at 2 PM that day and I got the call at 9:30 that night she said she made a effort to call union workers but the supervisors started working around 9:30 one of the supervisors told me, there was enough work there that people with families who need the money could of came in early earned a little bit more money to help there family. I am 21 years old who lives at home with my parents me, im not worried about the money but I know there are alot of hard union workers out there with familes who could of used that little bit of extra money.

    yes the building broke down and it was something out of there control but not calling in enough union workers to do the work and letting the supervisors do the union work that we get paid to do is stealing our jobs away from us.

    they want to cut our time and have non union workers come in is wrong if that would of been a snow/icestorm/flood they would of had the workers in there, you can bet on that.

    I will be calling my local monday morning about what happen but do you think im right in doing so first time I have ever done anything like this.

    sorry bout the grammar was in a hurry writing this before bed.

    thankyou for reading
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    Yes call your local. File a grievance and time slip them. Management team needs to exhaust all options before doing any contract work.
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    This sounds like a slam dunk supervisor working grievance. File it imediately and put all the times in. Get as much info as you can on how many and what time the sups started working and when they stopped.

    Sups working grievances pays double time!!
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    Easy money, make sure you name each Sup that was working, also would file from 2pm untill it ws done.