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Yep, and at the after work watering hole, I spread the gospel. Tired of people coming in, think they are going to change the world and Be Somebody.
Contract coming up, we need to show our strength before that. Grieve supes working. Not enough staffing? That's on them for cutting hours. We have a union and we have a contract. Use It!
Make sure to grieve them on their nametag for extra good measure. Article 20 Section 5 of the Master agreement.


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Come play with us sometime
Can we have a furry twister night? It's so hot....


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So, I do my job, and then some.
Now, we have yet another I'm gonna change things guy.
He annoyed me, tried cutting my hours. I told him I have seniority and he can't do that. He reinstated some hours, I told him that less senior employees were still scheduled more than me. "you have to deal with it, he said".
I did.
I sent a text to my entire boxline that according to state law, they are allowed another break at 6 hours.
So, 15 boxline employees + overtime for ten minutes each. I call that a win
yes. stick up for your rights.