Police pursuit ends in gunfire after armed robbery


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Why were the cops shooting into the ups truck?

Because when the suspect got cornered in traffic he got out of the driver seat and looked like he was about to take the driver hostage in the cab so they opened fire. But of course the ups driver got killed and the suspect is alive. I was watching it live on the news here.
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It was hard to see from the choppers camera angle. But the police did offload a lot of rounds into the truck. I'm guessing the police but don't know for sure
Imagine my surprise if it is. Police murdering the hostage? No way! How many of them firing on the truck at once yet can't even hit the right guy. Probably won't even be held accountable. The UPS driver would've had a better chance trying to take the suspect himself. He's dead now anyway.


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Retired now, but last few years hearing about this kind of stuff was why I felt all UPS drivers should have had the right to concealed carry. Might have turned out differently.


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Because I'm not about to enforce the will of the state or put my life on the line for the protection of strangers.

I guarantee I could. I outscore local yokels in IDPA scoring all the time including a certain Florida police academy instructor.

Very altruistic of you. Put your "skills" to good use.