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Does this comment justify a flame

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  1. Yes, poster is justified in defending himself with a flame

  2. comment is clearly a tongue in cheek not directed at that one poster

  3. Only an idiot would think that comment was specifically directed at them

  4. Who am I to know or understand what goes on in the minds of the mentally depraved.

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  1. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    A poster on this site has justified the following comment as reason enough to flame me in response:

    Go to a health spa and watch people push theirselves to their maximum abilities. Watch those same people work at ups and you would hear them crying how the boss is working them to hard.:happy-very:

    Please assess the statement and provide your opinion. was this comment specifcally directed at one poster thus justifying a flamed response?
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  2. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    Whats a health spa? What are you trying to say?
  3. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    Without seeing the statement in its entire context, it is impossible to form an accurate opinion.
  4. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    I will say that what one does outside of work should have nothing to do with what one does while at work.
  5. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    the statement was presented in its entire context. there was nothing else in that post.
  6. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    thus justifying a flame?
  7. atatbl

    atatbl Active Member

    LOL this poll (at this time) adds up to 137.5%
  8. BigBrownSanta

    BigBrownSanta New Member

    My assessment is:

    Most workouts are 30 minutes to an hour long. Sometimes a professional bodybuilder may take upwards of 4 hours to workout. Most workouts alternate muscle groups to every other day. Most workouts allow a days rest for a muscle group to repair itself.

    Having a boss try to work you at your max ability for up to 12 hours for 5 days AND encourage you to not take a lunch is no comparison to a workout and, IMO, is working you too hard.

    My opinion:

    The poll was unneccesary.
  9. UPSNJ

    UPSNJ Guest

    In no way is it an attack... I'm a 30 year old UPS Driver in NJ I go to the gym ever morning at 6am before I go to work. I have tryed to skip the gym for it for 2 weeks and my body just hurts at the end of the day if I do. I think any who delivers for UPS, Fedex, DHL, USPS should workout at least 3-4 days a week to keep your body strong.. Its a BIG help!
  10. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    The only necessary poll I've seen was the one about whether or not over95 should keep the eyeball.
  11. 705red

    705red Browncafe Steward

    What was the flame? What was said that got your panties in a bunch in response to this?
  12. BigBrownSanta

    BigBrownSanta New Member

    I must have missed that one.
  13. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Tieguy - With all due (and honest) respect.

    It is all just words on a screen, baby. They **** you off, ya turn it off.
  14. MonavieLeaker

    MonavieLeaker Bringin Teh_Lulz

    No kiddin I come here to have fun and yes we all get into debates but I dont understand why people get mad at words on a screen:happy-very:
  15. atatbl

    atatbl Active Member

  16. upsdude

    upsdude Well-Known Member


    Different situation but here goes. About 15 years ago a driver in my center would write up every little thing he could find on the DVIR thinking it would get him a new car. He would refuse to drive certain cars, which would lead to a stand off with management. He called OSHA, confirmed by a management person, to complain about package car condition etc.

    He parked (personal car) next to me one day during all this “car drama” and I noticed something. His personal car was sporting 2 bald tires, cracked windshield and an expired Virginia inspection (safety) sticker.

    I always wondered why he didn’t refuse to drive his car or if he would call the police to report himself?

    BTW, the icon at the end of your post should have been a clue to others that you were not being mean spirited. :wink2:
  17. MonavieLeaker

    MonavieLeaker Bringin Teh_Lulz

  18. speeddemon

    speeddemon Guest

    After I finish watching the grass grow, I might answer this..............
  19. speeddemon

    speeddemon Guest

  20. atatbl

    atatbl Active Member