possible paycheck issue.

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    i was wondering who i would talk to about a possible paycheck issue? i went on vacation last week but since my vacation
    was scheduled the week before my vacation my sup had told me that paycheck might not go in that week. now its looking like it might
    not have gone through at all since im trying to view my paycheck through upsers website and the 4/26/13 check doesnt show up.
    is it something i should bring up or wait? and would they be able to fix it or would i have to wait another week before i get paid for my vacation.
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    The vacation scheduler is locked a couple of weeks prior to the actual vacation week because scheduled vacations are prepaid. If your vacation was not entered in time to make that cutoff, your supervisor will need to put in a Time and Labor adjustment to request a manual (green) check for you. Make sure your supervisor enters it as a "separate check" request or your vacation time could get added to your normal weekly wages which might increase your taxes.
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    Not true where I'm at. Payroll is put in by Monday at 5pm. It may be true that the vacation scheduler is locked in, but the payroll isn't. I just had 3 vacations cashed out and I didn't put in the payroll request until Monday at 330. Tell your manager to either pull his/her head out of their ass or request a green check and if you don't get it within the amount of time you're suppose to get it you will file for penalty pay.
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    talked to a sup, they said i would have to get paid next thursday that they would do papework today. they had gave me another option but i didnt have the time to wait . dont know why but lately i heard a few coworkers talking about pay issues but didnt expect something like this.
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