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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by browned out, Jul 26, 2014.

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    You did just fine.
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    that'll do pig
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    I know how to post it here. How do we get it on the UPS news page. On the Brown Café home page.
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    Just message me if you find something front page worthy. I'll put this one up, no problem. Thanks sharing it.
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    Via Daily Caller:

    CNN is experiencing a tsunami of cuts.

    On Tuesday Christiane Amanpour‘s entire staff in New York was laid off as was the LA bureau’s entertainment division, including an LA news producer, Lindy hall. What’s more: HLN’s Jane Valez-Mitchell’s program was canceled. All in all: 50 jobs. Gone.

    “The changes this week are difficult yet necessary,” Allison Gollust said in an email to Mashable, which reported the news of the Amanpour layoffs earlier today. “Out of respect for our colleagues directly impacted, we won’t be commenting on specific people or programs.”

    Stay tuned for more expected firings Wednesday, The Mirror is told.

    “There are some angry people,” a source with knowledge of the firings said.
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    But there is a new ad out about Mike Rowe ( Dirty Jobs ) getting his own show .
    Something had to be removed to make air time available .
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    It would be funny watching one of those CNN hosts like Christiane Amanpour or Jane Valez-Mitchell on Dirty Jobs. Throw a Nancy Grace in there too.
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