Powell endorses Obama

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by over9five, Oct 19, 2008.

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    I don't understand why this is such a big news story. It is well known that Obama has like 98% of the Black vote anyhow.

    I think it would have made a big news story if he had endorsed McCain instead of Obama.

    Powell endorses Obama
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    Probably because he's a republican who served in the Bush administration, and is generally well respected. I agree that it's not a huge surprise, but it wouldn't have surprised me to see him endorse McCain either. It's a feather in Obama's cap I suppose, but I don't see it as a momentous event.
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    There have been many "immature" comments made on this board in the topics, but by far, this one is the most "immature". Mr. Tieguy has made some "doozies" over the years, but this tops them all.

    Its easy to make an assumtion that this comment is purely a "racial" assertion on its face, but I will not go that far and call it "immature".

    Its hard to believe that someone would go as far as to assert that just because a person is "black", that he/she will vote for Barack Obama on that premise over any other.

    Colin Powell made it absolutely crystal clear. OBAMA is the most qualified for the job of President of the United States based upon his experience, demeanor, attitude, intelligence and demonstrated ability to problem solve.

    Those are his words.

    It is an insult to ALL black americans to make a comment in public that Colin Powell will vote for Obama just because he is black and falls into the 98% of blacks who will vote solely on race.

    The record is crystal clear and a retraction of this type of statement is in order.

    How are we to move forward as americans with this type of attitude???

    The "big deal" is simple. Colin Powell was a huge supporter of the Bush Doctrine and the war on terror. He is a staunch conservative up until the collapse of the conservative movement and the failure of 8 years of Bush policies.

    Powell knows that this country is in trouble and rather than simply hanging with political idealogy and endorsing McCain, he has "PUT" his country first and endorses OBAMA.

    That is the Big Deal. Putting his country first.

    Time to face facts, a black american will become the next president of the United States no matter how much hatred for blacks people may have.

    Its no secret, racial animous is alive and well in parts of the USA.

    Thanks for proving it in your post.
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    LOL, I trolled you that time TOS!

    You are easy!

    I own you....!
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    Lets look at why Powell is endorsing Obama "other" than he's black:

    1)Powell - who affirmed, for what it's worth, that he is indeed still a
    member of the Republican party - said he liked John McCain tremendously. But he doesn't like his choice of running mate, he thinks his party has moved too far to the right and declared himself "disappointed by some of the approaches" the McCain campaign had taken against Obama.

    2)He cited Obama's "steadiness" and "intellectual curiosity". When asked about the race issue, he said: "If I had only had that in mind, I could have done this six or eight or 10 months ago," instead of taking the time to watch the two contenders on the trail and judge their performance under pressure.

    3)But he really shone when discussing some of the smear tactics being used against Obama. No, the correct answer is that Obama is not a Muslim, Powell said. "But the really right answer," he continued, "is, what if he is? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer's no, that's not America. Is there something wrong with some seven-year-old Muslim-American kid believing that he or she could be president?"

    4)Around the country, I'm not sure. Still-undecided voters in swing states are probably inclined toward a generally positive view of Powell, so his imprimatur will be one more sign that it's alright to vote Obama. And if they're still trying to get comfortable with Obama at this late date, a friendly nod from a familiar face probably will factor into their deliberations when they close the curtain and vote.

    Again, Sarah Palin factors negatively in the Presidential Race. At the end of the day, Sarah Palin will be the reason John McCain gets blown out on Nov.4th 2008
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    Ahhh, not sure what you think you accomplished other than demonstrating that as a moderator, your racial annimous should disqualify you from monitoring these forums.

    You are suppose to be keeping a "level headed" eye on things and not trying to stir the pot.

    I would stick to being a moderator vs. playing with the members.
  7. drewed

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    I hate to say it but this endorsement was more racially motivated then issue motivated. Powell was a trendsetter for a black politician and he sees that in BO and thats why he got this endorsment
  8. sortaisle

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    Colin Powell is not a staunch conservative. He even alluded to as much when he said that the party has gone to Right for his liking. I do however sort of view this if it's played right as a nail in the coffin for McCains campaign. Although with him behind in the polls, it's exactly where McCain likes to operate. He LOVES being the underdog. I think that Powell has put any public aspirations of him running for any kind of office in the future to rest though. Voting against your party on an elected office is political suicide unless you plan on switching parties like Reagan did. So I think Powell will either disappear from public offices or take an offered position with Obama's cabinet. Don't get me wrong, I still voted for McCain but I say this is a tough one to stomach.
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    Powell's Endorsement Is a Huge Slap in the Face for McCain

    The condemnation of John McCain by John Lewis -- a man McCain called one of the three wise men he would consult as president -- was a huge personal blow to McCain. But Powell's endorsement of Obama is even more of a slap in the face.

    Powell is a man that McCain has tremendous respect and admiration for. He once said he respected Powell more than any man in the world. In the New York Times Magazine this summer McCain said, "Colin Powell, a man who I admire as much as any man in the world, person in the world..." McCain called Powell one of the most "credible" and "respected men in America. Politico reported in August that McCain was even considering asking Powell to be his running mate. McCain has repeatedly said in the past that if elected he would have asked Powell to serve in his administration. Powell and McCain know each other well and have worked closely together. His public endorsement of Obama is a huge validation of Obama and a tremendous repudiation of McCain.
    McCain said, "Colin Powell, a man who I admire as much as any man in the world, person in the world..." [NY Times interview with John McCain, 7/13/08]

    McCain considered Powell for a running mate.
    "Retired Gen. Colin Powell is among the potential running mates who have been considered by John McCain, campaign advisers told Politico. Powell was among the possible vice presidential choices the Arizona Republican senator was thinking of when he said he would not rule out a supporter of abortion rights, a key adviser said." [Politico, 8/23/08]
    McCain said President Bush was "blessed" to have Powell working for him. McCain said, "I think the president is blessed to have two extremely talented people (Powell and Rumsfeld), experienced people, working for him, and others, but particularly those two." [MSNBC Hardball, 4/23/03]

    McCain called Powell one of the most "credible" and "respected men in America.
    Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) praised Powell as one of the "most credible" and "most respected" men in America. [LA Times, 2/6/03]

    McCain said he admired and respected Powell, said he was one of most "honest" men he had "ever known."
    "Sen. McCain: Well, Colin Powell's one of the most honest men that I've ever known and I admire and respect him enormously, and so obviously I'd take his word for it." [CNBC 4/20/04]

    McCain was "exuberant" over Powell's selection as Secretary of State.
    After it was announced that Powell had been nominated by Bush for Secretary of State, McCain said, "I'm exuberant over the prospect of his [Colin Powell] stewardship of American foreign policy. There's a lot of very dangerous places in the world due to the fecklessness of the Clinton administration." [NBC Nightly News, 12/15/00]
    McCain lauds Powell's selection as Secretary of State. Senator John McCain "I think his credentials and his charisma will have a significant effect, a beneficial effect, on the conduct of American foreign policy." [NBC Nightly News, 12/16/00]
    McCain said if elected in 2000 he would have appointed Powell to his cabinet. On Larry King in 2001, McCain was asked whether he would have named Mr. Rumsfeld and Colin L. Powell to a McCain cabinet. 'Oh, yes." [CNN Larry King, 11/28/01]

    As leader of the International Republican Institute, John McCain gave Colin Powell the Freedom Award.
    "As Senator John McCain waited to speak at the annual awards dinner of the International Republican Institute, a democracy-building group he has led for 15 years," "Mr. McCain could use the chairman's [of the institute] perch to score points with important Republican figures -- he presented Freedom Awards to President Bush, former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell and, in 2003, the incoming Senate majority leader, Bill Frist." [NY Times, 7/28/08]
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    C'mon, TOS, stop your crying and admit it. I got you BIG-TIME!

    C'mon, TOS, laugh it off!
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    Just to remind all who use the 98% of Blacks endorse Obama excuse, remember, over 92% of Blacks supported Clinton, Gore, and Kerry, so whats the big deal here 9/5? Your making an issue out of a plus 6% jump for Obama. Seems like you and Drewed are accusing Ex Rep Sec of State, Gen Colin Powel, an American hero, of racial bias.

    Over9five, you hit bottum, time to cut your fishing line re-rig your bait caster :wink2:
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    Powell on Sarah Palin:

    End of game.
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    C'mon, TOS, I trolled you exactly how you do it!!!

    I learned it from you (Susie).

    Can't you just laugh and admit it?? Have you no sense of humor at all?? I'm trying to treat you like one of us, is that what's bothering you??

    Laugh, TOS, laugh!!!!
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    Good Job O95. You told us last night you were going to troll Susie and she fell for it!
    Nice joke!
    I was going to reply earlier and I remembered your boast last night and decided to let this play out.
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    If i recall susie was a real nut job and was banned for being the most wacked out nut job the browncafe has ever had! If you believe that this was susie why havent you banned this user yet? Did we forget everything that happened?
  16. drewed

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    Im not saying Collin Powell endorsed just because Obama was some black guy, he endorsed because Obama is a black man that is moving another step of equality in America. Powell currently has held the highest rank in gov't and he wants to see that movement forward still.

  17. 705red

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    And of course hes willing to put his reputation on the line just to see a black man get elected. Thats like saying your voting for mccain because you to can see russia from your bed!
  18. drewed

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    Very true, we banned BO mutiple times, crazy tree and bloody brown left (banned?) and all TOS does is clutter the boards and even after shes proven "her point" she continues to do it.

    So I ask you my friends.....

    Please help your fellow man......please help your fellow UPSer.....Please help America...

    Do something about it.
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    He left the Bush admin on bad terms, do you expect he would hold the party line? Of course not, he has a bad taste in his mouth about republicans and honestly if BO wasnt black he probably would have kept his mouth shut and not endorsed anyone
  20. 705red

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    Bloody got banned? Cmon!