Power zone ends & end range motion begins.

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    We have an insurance rep that comes in to give us tips/advise on safety. To my surprise, 1 of these insurance reps & my sup stopped on my route the other day as part of an observation they were performing on me. I must say I was a little upset that a non-UPS employee is going on observes with my mngmnt team although I was explained to later that the insurance rep was only with mngmnt to train them on how to make observes more positive that just all negative with discipline ta boot. Anyway I took the time to ask this LM rep where power zone ends & end range motion begins giving the example of grabbing the handrail leaving a pkg car. Even for a slight second everyone's arm is bent back out of "power zone" till your feet touch the ground. The LM rep told me this is not end range motion & I argued how you could still be in your power zone in this position. Needless to say the LM rep became so frustrated with my argument that he lost his biz like composure & exaggerated my examples & said in frustration "I don't know why you guys have to get so technical?!" it's apparent he doesn't realize what company he is dealing with nor has sat with an employee who has been thoroughly integregated after reporting an injury. Ironoic enough I had sustained a shoulder injury in prior weeks to this encounter which UPS dubbed as an end range motion injury & I've been calling a wear & tear injury.
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    In your own words--"I was a little upset that a non-UPS person is going on observs"--it sounds to me as though you didn't appreciate that the LM rep was there and that you became unnecessarily confrontational with that person.
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    The rep did explain his intentions while on the observe which did ease the concern of a non-UPSer watching me. As I didn't really have time to think about it till afterwards that I don't think any person in any job would want an employee from outside their company observing them & without ever having done their job & explain to them what they could do better.
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    HI You would no is there any way i could read this site and not see your post,s like a automatic delete button?
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    The LM rep was not trying to tell you how to do your job--he was trying to tell you how to do it more safely.
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    Safety is safety & should be practiced on & off the job. I am a true believer in that. However if my personal vehicle insurance rep stopped me at say a gas station & says I've watched you on your last 5 stops & noticed you forgot to use your turn signal once & didn't completely stop 3 times. That person would receive a swift boot in the ass by me, a call to the police for stalking, a call to that insurance company's HQ about their practices, & an immediate change in insurances!
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    The difference being you pay the premiums on your personal policy while UPS pays for theirs. Wouldn't you want to get the best return on your investment by trying to reduce the number of claims/injuries?

    I agree with you in that I wouldn't want an outside person telling me how to do my job either, especially on area; however, if this person is able to point out something that I may be doing incorrectly or if changed would make me more productive/efficient I would listen objectively and may change my routine.

    Now, if observations made by this person were to lead to discipline of any kind...
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    Funny how they preach all this "end range"
    crap, but when you call them on it they start crying that you're too technical.
    Give me a break.
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    That's pretty much the point I'm tryin to make here. I asked the professional blantenly where the power zone ends & the end range motion begins & I'm responded with frustration & asked why we get so technical. None of my mngmnt can even give me an exact description to my question.
  10. over9five

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    UPS recently bought thousands of new containers (trailers). Every one of them is hard to close and the handles are mounted above your head. Talk about end range! They seem to be designed to wreck your shoulders and back.

    Anyhow, I laugh at their "end range" bs every time I have to close one of their new trailers.
  11. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    That's because body mechanics/ergonomics is an inexact science.
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    Don't worry about it. UPS has Smoke and mirrors approach to safety. They preach safety however if it gets in the way of production and profits it forgot about till someone gets hurt... If safety was a big concern they wouldn't be stuff are cars full of crap so it looks like peak everyday.
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    Its early Saturday morning following 3 consecutive 11.5 hour work days so bear with me if I ramble. In my building we have been short on drivers for the better part of a year. EVERYONE is tired and the entire driver core is fatigued more then at any other time in my 6 years driving. The last 3 peak seasons are fond memories for 1/2 of us drivers as we didn't work as hard then as we are working now. Hell, at least we had helpers during peak.

    With that being said here is my take. I am on the safety team in my building due to my background. Yesterday I did 158 deliveries(320+), 29 pickups(150+), and 113 miles. I think I had right at 13 over 70's. This was an 11.98 planned dispatch. 12 hours a day and this has become the norm for my building. I hope and pray that I will make it to retirement so that I then finally get to spend some time with my wife. The only way to get there and not be confined to a wheelchair because I have just destroyed my body is to work safely. THIS IS WHY THE METHODS ARE SO IMPORTANT TO ME.

    The company doesn't want drivers hurt because that costs dollars. Drivers don't want to get hurt because of the above and quite frankly Workers Comp pays about 60% of what we make now. Besides, injuries now means pain later on in life. Its a lose/lose situation for everyone involved.

    Now a question I have for the OP! Who do you prefer observing you and giving feedback trying to get you to retirement without a broken body? Your On-Car who has what....a grand total of 3 days biomechanics safety training or someone that deals with it every day? Someone who has had extensive education in biomechanics and risk assessment. Someone who has access to the trends and the statistics for the entire company not just your district or buildng or "driver group?" Someone who does observations every day. Someone who's ONLY job is safety!

    You can look at it negitively and not take a thing from it or you can man-up and learn from the observation. Take something possitive from the experience and try to make it to retirement with your body intact. Arguing just for the sake of arguing is not a show of mental prowess. Are you more at risk for injury of a body part at its end-range of motion, when its not in its closed compact position? YES. Is the power zone where you are least likely to hurt your self? YES.

    PS. "That's because body mechanics/ergonomics is an inexact science."--qoute Upsate. Biomechanics is an exact science. It can be studied, measured and quantified. Ergonomics is just the application of that knowledge.
  14. Kruldingo

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    Whoa, an inexact science? Now you're talking outside the UPS box lol. My Dist Mngr would never accept that kind of talk!
  15. Johney

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    I think what everyone is missing here is that the OP asked the safety guy a legitimate ? and the guy had no legitimate answer. Instead gave him crap about being "too technical".
  16. Kruldingo

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    I reported my injury as a sharp pain the the end of my shoulder while pulling down the rear overhead door in a pkg car. During the "interrogation" process with my mngr his perception which I never indicated was that I twisted or stepped away from the strap before letting go therefore putting myself in an end range motion & not following the proper methods. The shoulder was already sore in previous wks as I noticed slight pain grabbing back for the seat belt, holding the handrail existing the vehicle, & pulling rear door shut. You shouldn't have to be intimidated or manipulated to report any pain as there are obvious procedures that put you in end range motion positions. BTW this is how my mngr reported to insurance & I was denied lost wages. Hmmmmm.. yeah just follow the methods & be honest & you'll be fine! Suuuurrrreeee
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    Part of the problem was your example in regards to the phrase power zone, which the professional should have known to eliminate the phrase, or provide himself, a better example. Power zone as applied by ups is purely intended as a lift and carry method. As you're lifting a heavier package following proper methods you begin to enter your power zone as your hands are about one hand length above the knee. Think about the point where your not actually lifting/moving your arms any longer and are completing the lift with your back instead. As you straighten your back and you resume lift with your arms package should be supported as close to your body as possible, even against the body. Both elbows should be pulled tight to your sides, mid forearms should be at the level of the top of your pelvis (hip bone) even be supported by the crest of the pelvis, body type permitting. The mid point of a larger box (think 18 cube or above) should be close to waist level. Box should be contained entirely within the width of your body. This should be the power zone for the vast majority of us, of course there will be slight deviations. As you move up and out you would be leaving the power zone. I am not a member of any safety commitee, I have performed this example on countless occassions in front of District Health and Safety Personnel, and yes, Liberty Mutual consultants. Have given permission for example to be filmed for training aid. I am a driver with the training and knowledge in Sports Medicine, Biomechnics, and Kinesiology. It totally baffles me how the very people who should, could be instructing us in these performances, really have no clue what said motions consist of, nor of how to perform them.
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    Personally, I try to practice my end range motions as well as twisting rather than pivoting for 3 1/2 to 4 hours every weekend.

    Ever seen a golf swing?:wink2:
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    ‚ÄčTwisting works really well on the upstroke. Oooops, I meant swing.:bigsmile2:
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    l m are snakes.ive had dealings with reps twice and let me say this,you cant do anything right and everything they do or decide is perfect. can i possibly have a accident/injury even if i follow all methods and safety procedures to the letter.???? well could i ?