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  1. Kingpin13

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    before anybody says it, i dont sit at work ****in around all day and pull pranks

    but we do **** around every once in a while at work, when freight is slow (im at ups freight)

    anyways, heres some of the best ones:

    we took a roll of masking tape and taped this one guys forklift levers together, wrapped it around there like 20 times

    (this one was funny as hell) it was the first snow of this season, this guy was breaking a corner trailer, well he was in his trailer and one of the guys shut his door and latched it so he couldnt get out, then 3 of us climbed down the dock with shovels and packed them with snow, then he was bangin on the door and one of the guys opened it and BOOOOOOOM he got smashed with snow :happy-very:

    we picked up the rear end of another guys forklift with another forklift, and put a small wood skid underneath it so when he started driving, he couldnt turn at all...he was like ***?!:angry:

    that **** was funny

    last one i can think of is tellin the new guys to go to the shop and get there forklift tires inflated (they are solid rubber), or telling them to get **** like turn signal fluid or whatever we can think of:wink2:
  2. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    just rember one thing when "pranking", if you cause damage, or the prank has the possibility of causeing damage or injury, it can and will get you unemployed very fast.

    while doing things to enjoy the job, or make time pass faster are done on a regular basis, use common sense.

  3. Kingpin13

    Kingpin13 New Member

    i understand this, we just do minor things, its not an everyday thing, not even close

    also one we always do is to shut off each others propane tank valves on the forklifts so 2 minutes later it cuts off and we watch them say********* cuz they think they are out of fuel and ran out in the middle of the dock

    and somebody wrote a sign in marker on a piece of cardboard "my names rick and i suffer from erectile disfunction" and stuck it on the back of a driver named ricks trailer as he was leaving

    funniest thing i had seen in a while
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  4. ih8tbrn

    ih8tbrn Banned

    You might be a redneck if.........(insert kingpin13 prank here).:funny:
  5. ups79

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    And they think they deserve more money. We might of made a mistake taking on their debt. The true UPS would never allow such to take place.
  6. Kingpin13

    Kingpin13 New Member

    how can i be a redneck? i never lived in the country in my life

    and i expected people to hate on this, but we do this during down time.....what does it take, 5 seconds to screw a valve shut? no prank takes more then 2-3 maybe 5 minutes at the most, and it all happens when we have no work to do and they tell us to "sweep up for a while"
  7. ih8tbrn

    ih8tbrn Banned

    Lighten up Francis, it was a joke. Hence the :funny:
  8. drewed

    drewed Shankman

    Youre still clocked in correct?
  9. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    what we are saying is if you worked for the real ups, you might ..........

    with ups light, you currently have the slack to do such things. expect change.

  10. brownmonster

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    Down time? What is this and how does it work? I took a leak the other day and missed a pickup.
  11. chev

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    :happy-very: aww don't be so hard on kingpin. I occasionally enjoy pulling a prank on my fellow co-workers. Just simple things like letting nearly all the air out of their seat and then turning every switch on in their tractor. :laughing: (I have been on the receiving end of this one)
    I have also, on occasion, been known to close air valves to a rear trailer so when they get set to leave, they can't figure out why the rear trailer is dragging.:happy-very: Harmless, really.
    Shrink wrap makes a fun prank too. Especially if you know which car is your co-workers.:laughing: We never do anything dangerous.

    A fun prank to pull on a rookie is to tell them to go to the shop for "liquid chain tire spray". We tell them to spray this on their tires in the winter for better grip. This one works especially well when your friendly mechanic is in on the gag, as well as your feeder sup. Had a driver fall "hook, line, and sinker" on this one last year.
  12. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Some of the 'seasoned" drivers might remember the Micro-brakes that the package cars had on them. We used to have all kind of fun with them. It was always fun to watch your buddy put his nose into the windshield as he left the building in the morning and didn't realize his brakes would lock up the first time he used them. UPS removed them saying they were dangerous---imagine that.:peaceful:
  13. LiL"Comet"

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    I have a new supervisor that just started about 2 week ago, he's in charge of the blue belt and smalls. His third night on the job he was ready to blow out a trlr (knowing what I was going to do). I went to the trlr walked around in front of it like I was really upset about he load quality more could have been put on instead of starting a new trlr with maybe 15 %. He's really upset telling me how sorry he is etc.....:anxious:

    So I tell him that I'm gonna have to call feeders for another pull on the dang trlr were gonna have with 15 % or less that I"m getting ready to get my a__ chewed out. How he's gonna give me a write up and the end of the night, he's gonna load the trlr with the guys.. LOL

    I walk back up to him let'm know I have one last idea before I call feeders to go to the back and get the trlr stretcher it may just work. He gets the big look in his eye says alright yeah that will work:surprised:. So I tell him what to look for and he takes off the back of the building with pep in his step. He calls me on the radio and asks where its at again? I said come on man it's right back there blah, blah, blah,:angry: come on man find and get it the hell up here...
    About 5 more minutes pass he comes walking back up to the trlr where I'm standing just shacking his head looking down. I'm barley able to hold myself together without loosing it. So I turn him around again to go look real good this time poor thing has sweat beads coming off his head and this look on his face of pure confusion...

    He's gone about 10 minutes this time nothing on the radio from him as every little bit I'm asking come on man find that trlr stretcher!!

    Oh the whole time this going on I"m overflowing everything in this trlr to another one so only the straight location will finish filling up this trlr. Here he comes like a beat down dog, head down towards the floor, shirt drenched in sweat, and the look on his face like he's lost his only friend in life. All other 3 supervisors are standing with me looking at the trlr as well shaking there heads at him and more top sup (meaning most seniority) said you just couldn't find that trlr stretcher could ya boy??.........:whiteflag:

    He starts with this blah,blah, blah, and I said well there's good news and bad news which do you want to hear first? Bad he says, well its initiation night and you just got initiated cause there is no such thing as a "trlr stretcher". :surprised::knockedout::halfdead::confused2::wornout::disgusted: Good news everything's OK with the trlr we can overflow almost all locations but two zips that have to go to this trlr it will all fit.

  14. freeloader

    freeloader geek

    Trailer stretcher, that's a pretty good one.

    The GO had just got a new copy machine and we told this one guy (who we knew would be gullible enough) that it was voice activated. So there he is trying to make copies by talking to the copy machine. The GO is an office environment so it's usually pretty quiet and the copier is in the middle of the office. He's getting kinda frustrated and starts barking orders louder to the copy machine; everyone in the office can hear him "10 copies" .... "I SAID 10 COPIES". It didn't take him long to figure it out though after hearing some people laughing around the corner.

    Another prank we did was in the small sort. The belt didn't reach all of the bins so we had to fill tote boxes with the smalls and carry them over to the other bins for sorting. We had a damaged box that just happened to be full of Jergen's lotion bottles. So we smeared some Jergen's lotion on the outside of a couple of tote boxes and the next sucker who carried that tote box ended up with Jergen's lotion all over the front of his pants.
  15. ih8tbrn

    ih8tbrn Banned

    I'll bet that's not the only thing you smeared Jergen's lotion on that night.:wink2:
  16. Fnix

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    Sit outside the HR entrance with a vest and walkie talkie on and tell the new hires the meeting is canceled and they leave.
  17. MonavieLeaker

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    LMAO!!!!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:
  18. Kingpin13

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    thanks to the guys who aint to uptight to admit they pulled a few pranks

    yes we have downtime, im sorry if you are so overloaded with freight that you literally dont have 20 seconds to spare once a week....get a hold of yourself and lighten the fukk uppppppppp

    trailer stretcher was funny...and liquid chain tire spray LOL....sending new guys to the shop for made up maintenance items is always fun
  19. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    On the old tractors depending on the time of the year we would either open or close the valve controlling the heater core. You would freeze your butt off in winter or sweat to death in summer. Another fun trick for rookie feeder drivers is to swap the red and blue lines when they they aren`t looking.
  20. Kingpin13

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    i forgot the other day we took plastic stretch wrap and wrapped the **** out of this guys forklift and turned the wrap sideways so it makes a band, it took him a while to rip it open so he could use it :)