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    I am doing preload for about 4.5 hours every morning and then doing the driver helper after. So far I have done it 6 times and I have not taken a lunch. I specifically remember signing a waiver saying that I waive my first lunch between the 5 and 6 hour and that I waive the second lunch after the 11.5 hour.

    I haven't had a problem with calling in and saying my times until today when I called in and the Sup told me that I have to take a lunch between my 5th and 6th hour and the waiver doesn't account for it. I asked him how I'm supposed to do it and he said I just am. The drivers don't usually take lunches they just put their two 15 min breaks together and then eat.

    Today I was in the warehouse from 430 to 9 and then did driver helper from 1 to 715, can in between that time account for my lunch? I haven't had any problems until I talked to this :censored2:. He said he squeeze a lunch in for my somewhere (add time) but I can't do this again
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    What does your particular state have to say about lunches? If anything?

    Are you looking to meet on-road with driver immediately at 9:00am ~ ? You mention 4-9 then 1-7 or something like that. Take your lunch at end of your pull (9am?ish) , and meet with driver at 10am?
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    Unless you are the one driving the vehicle then you aren't required to take a lunch (this could vary depending on state laws). But if the driver pulls over for lunch then you are on lunch too unless you're in the back sorting.
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    Why in the hell would you sign a waiver giving up your lunch period?

    What are you doing for the 4hours from 9-1300? They paying you to stand around?
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    Audible nectar?

    What are you a diggers fan
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    the time in between your shifts can count as a lunch if you want it to
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    When you are on the car with me you are there to work.

    You have plenty of time between 9 and 1 to run some errands, grab a bite to eat and get ready to meet your driver.

    Is the 4 hour break your choice or theirs? Why aren't you meeting your driver sooner?