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    I'm going on a year now and I've been on a permanent spot loading 4 trucks since September. After Christmas one of the drivers retired and another left their route for a different one. Since these two drivers left. The trucks have been getting destroyed with packages and big heavy dump stops.. Most of the big heavy boxes can't go in until the end of the day or it will destroy the truck and the driver might go postal on me the next day.. Supervisors are on my ass telling me I'm not getting wrapped up soon enough, and I must be doing something wrong. They give me suggestions but it never makes any sense. I try to hear them out, but I can only do so much. I know it's their job to say something but I'm the only person on my whole line loading 4 trucks and I'm only there 3 to 5 minutes past when the others are leaving.. As I go to punch out, I still see several guys still loading on the other lines, and my driver's haven't even gone through the truck yet.. Usually I can ignore all the little irritations but these supervisors are really starting to get to me.. They asks me my thoughts but don't listen, literally, I'm talking and mid sentence the supervisor interrupts me to say something stupid. What would you do?
    Just keep doing what I'm doing and who cares if they're upset at the end of the day? I should also state I'm in the process of being an air driver, i don't want to piss off anyone that could make things more difficult for me. (Anyways.. I'm not really sure what I'm asking) just some input.. I'm sure everyone deals with this at UPS.. But it's hard not to feel like I'm being taken advantage of.
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    Just keep fighting the good fight. That big bulk stop is most likely his first stop so you can't jam up the truck til everything else comes down. If I had to move random stuff to get to my first big bulk I wouldn't be happy either.
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    Keep doing what you're doing. It's not that you don't care your supervisor is upset. There's just nothing you can do about it. You have bulk stops that have to go in at the very end. Is what it is.

    Your sups need to come up with a solution on their end if wrap up time is a problem. Sending you another loader that's already wrapped up, for example. Could shovel the stuff in together much faster than you could alone.
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    Yes just keep doing what you're doing and who cares if they get upset. Try your best. You have the union behind you. They have nothing.
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    Ask them if they want you climbing over boxes all day to get to spots in the truck to load stuff.