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    Hello all, I have an appointment tomorrow and I just want to ask a few questions and possibly get some input/tips from you guys. So I am planning on wearing dark gray jeans along with just a plain white or black t shirt and dress shoes. Is that okay? I also want to ask if I should bring my resume with me or is that different for every station? I remember the webpage that says not to bring any personal items and I'm not sure if the resume counts as one or not. I appreciate the responses guys.
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    I think it is done differently everywhere but my experience was a "tour" with a whole lot of other people then they set up an interview for another time, then after that they tell you they'll call you. Then you call them at least once a week for a month before they set your orientation date. Get a name and a phone number to call and follow up with them, they'll bump you ahead of the people who aren't calling.

    What you wear doesn't really matter as long as you have a pulse and say that you're ready to work hard. Casual is okay as long as you look clean. I think I wore jeans and a polo/golf/collared shirt, with some work boots; dress shoes are okay too it doesn't matter. Chances are you won't be the worst dressed no matter what you wear, you'd be surprised what type of person this starting wage attracts. Resume isn't necessary they probably won't even take it, but it wouldn't hurt; they'll let you take it in with you they just don't want you to bring your cellphone with you.

    If you show up on time and are breathing you don't have anything to worry about good luck.
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    A plain tshirt with dress shoes sounds weird but if you're going for package handler I would wear new sturdy work shoes, maybe khaki pants and a button down shirt. No tie or dress shoes needed. You could actually get hired wearing clean jeans and a clean shirt.
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    Forget the pink tennis shoes and pink ribbons in your hair. How many times have you guys seen that on a building tour?
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    Don't bring anything to the tour. It's just a very general overview of the facility and the types of jobs they have there. You will be with a group of other people. There is no "one-on-one" interaction at the tour.
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    Dress casually, but neat and clean. Show up on time and don't looked stoned. Wear work boots if you have them. Leave cell phone and iPod in the car. If they ask you if you can do the work don't be cocky. Just tell them it looks like hard work but you think you can handle it. If you can do all of this you'll seem like a rocket scientist compared to some of the other applicants.
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    Bow ties are a nice touch, FYI
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    A guy I work with and know from the high school we graduated from showed up to his interview in camo pants, and a small tank top for a 300 pound man. They take just about anybody.
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    Thanks for the responses. I did the tour and everything went fine. Now I have to go back for an interview. Do I still dress casually or should I dress with shirt, tie, and slacks?
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    Khakis and a polo shirt would be just fine.
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    I've seen them show up dressed casually, dressed in suits, dressed in Canadian Tuxedo's, men dressed like women, women dressed like men, and of course all those OG's with so much swagger that they can barely keep their pants above their knees.

    OP, if they're giving you the tour you're practically hired. Word of advice - don't wear anything to work that you wouldn't want to be ruined, and bring water. Lots of it.

  12. Don't show up, Trust me you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Once your in, we won't let you get out. We will take advantage of your young age and work you till we break you. We like the young kids especially if they don't go to college, cus they'll be stuck with us for the rest of their life, because work skills and knowledge gained here can't be applied in most jobs in America.

    There are much better less back breaking jobs out there with competitive pay.
    ​Your better off joining the Military & retire in 20 years, than Join UPS break your back for at least 13 years loading and drive for 30 years to retire at 65.

    Loyal Teamster

    Hands Down to the f***'n trolls that will argue my point without reasoning. .
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    Don't mind Jazzhands...he prefers to think outside the bun.