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    Presidential candidates

    Amazing how this works but was a good exercise to see how what you believe lines up with the candidates! If you have a minute, I would suggest you answer the 11 questions.

    This will compare your answers with ALL candidates running for president of the US.

    I found this to be of interest ....

    Of even more interest was which ones were way down the list - and why..

    Click on the website below

    Takes about 1-2 minutes.
  2. av8torntn

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    Hillary was third from the bottom for me is that a good thing?
  3. moreluck

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    av8...that's wonderful news !!!!!
  4. cheryl

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    Great link moreluck! I learned a lot from it in just a couple of minutes.
  5. av8torntn

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    Kind of hard to believe there were two below her. :w00t:
  6. moreluck

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    av8....I'll bet one was Dennis Kucinich, right?
  7. av8torntn

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    Of course. Was he the one who ran last time and wanted to create the department of peace?
  8. satellitedriver

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    Great link More,
    Not enough questions, for my taste, but at least Hillary ended up on the bottom of the heap.
    Sadly, I won't be voting for a President, only against who I do not want to win.
    I was born in 1953 and lived thru alot of Presidents, so I guess I'll just try to keep on livin' and see how it turns out.
  9. wkmac

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    She scored that high! You might not be as conservative as you think you are!!!!!!


    I took the poll and the computer popped, belched, smoked and then a screen error message appeared that said:

    None of the Above!

    I'm real impressed with the accuracy of this poll!

  10. livinitup

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    Unbelievably McCain was on top. Then Ron Paul.
  11. Sammie

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    On November 4, 2008, I'll be deciding between the lesser of two evils. Again. I wasn't overly impressed with the choices I was offered last time, nor am I again.

    Casting our ballots for the leader of the Free World has become cheesy. The presidency is purchased with money used for splashy campaign ads and coverage; enough money to probably wipe out the national debt of a third world country or two.

    Each party and candidate should have a balanced amount of exposure and an equal spending cap for raising funds. Money should be removed from the equation, replaced with knowledge of the candidate's character and integrity, and how he can improve our nation. A mill or two would be more than adequate. Boy, would that change who's running right now, or what??:crying:

    With millions of Americans now without health care, how can these candidates sleep at night knowing they're raking in hundreds of millions of dollars for the process of the one who will win?

    Who's to say there's not a George Washington or a Winston Churchill out there right now who could govern us beautifully but due to the dollar sign that is so crucial today, he would remain an unknown.

    And enough already with the Democratic Party explaining the evils of the Republicans rather than the virtues of its own candidates and visa versa. That shouldn't be allowed.

    Bears, raccoons, frogs, skunks and ground hogs are lucky. They'll be hibernating when the decision is made...:bored:
  12. Char

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    This test is innacurate. It said Fred Thompson and John McCain were my top 2.

    Fred Thompson was on the payroll of a pro abortion group. He voted not to convict Bill Clinton. I also do not believe his views on illegal immigration are accurately portrayed in this test. He is old, lazy, and a Senator. I would never vote for a Senator for President.

    John McCain was number 2. He voted against the 2003 tax cuts I believe or at least believe that the cuts were too deep and also opposes making them permanent. I completely disagree with the Senator on illegal immigration. I disagree with his position on the so-called terrorists bill of rights. And what in the Geneva Conventions prevented him from being tortured by the Vietnamese. Although Senator McCain is the senior Senator from my home state Arizona, I do trust him as far as I could throw him and will not support him in the primary.

    In my opinion there are too few questions on this site to accurately represent one's views.

    On a positive note, Hillary came in dead last. I wonder how this site determined what some of her postitions are as I still connot figure some of them out.

  13. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    Hey Char,

    you make good points but to further prove the point, just who would you vote for and why?

    Enquiring minds want to know!
  14. brazenbrown

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    Perhaps it's because she does not want us to know...:wink2:

    Student describes how she became a Clinton plant


    CNN's Wolf Blitzer has been warned not to focus Thursday's Dem debate on Hillary. 'This campaign is about issues, not on who we can bring down and destroy,' top Clinton insider explains. 'Blitzer should not go down to the levels of character attack and pull 'a Russert.'' Blitzer is set to moderate debate from Vegas, with questions also being posed by Suzanne Malveaux.

    God forbid we should get any kind of genuine answers from this presidential candidate!!:dissapointed:
  15. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    pull "A RUSSERT!"

    Whoa!!!!!!! Interesting choice of words and interesting that journalists are being warned to "tow the line" so to speak.

    I love self destruction, especially when it's someone I don't like anyway but in this case I get 2 for 1 and have them both slashing at each others throats!

    Only good for the average guy can come from this!
  16. moreluck

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    Because all of this presidential 'stuff' started sooooo early, I'm waiting for 'foot in mouth' comments to start thinning out the candidates.

    I think Hillary has an extreme temper and it's taking all the self control she has to maintain her composure........I'm waiting for the eruption and I hope it's on TV when it happens. Headlines will read, "Krakatoa Clinton shows her other side."

  17. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    No offense More but they've never taken their feet out of their mouths to begin with. We've just come to accept this as normal and so it takes a really major gaff to get our attention in the first place.

    Hillary thinks she has this thing locked up and is now running in the center as if she's in the general election. She even voted for the Kyl-Liberman act the other week to give her the power of the sword with Iran to cover all her bases if she does get elected. She won't even commit to an Iraq timetable based on hard timelines. Obama is still in the primaries and instead of voting no to please his base, he missed the vote so he's got wiggle room either way it goes. Obama wiggled bad about Iraq timelines the other day on Meet the Press while being pressed by good ole Russert. Gee Hillary, he is fair and balanced!:happy-very:

    Fred's imploding as IMO seems to have never taken this whole thing serious to begin with. Mitt's fighting some details of flipflopping and Rudy is making deals with Pat Robertson in the hopes he can get the religious right to the polls on his behalf. Pat's backing Rudy as he hates Mormons more than he does Catholics who are pro-choice. Talk about an unprincipled piece of :censored2:. He ain't no man of God IMO.

    What happens if the pro-life religious right can put aside some of Ron Paul's liberal ideas on the war on drugs, etc. and realize his positions on Pro-life and much of the immigration control are much the same, what happens then in this election process? Then what happens when this religious right who has a historical undercurrent oppostion to globalism based on an opposition to secular humanism model join forces with the anti-war forces who also oppose globalization on the grounds of opposing US impericalism and they can lay aside their differences on the principle of stopping the globalization of the world based on an American idealism model that in truth reinstitutes old world models of governance?

    I see things in this election I'm really starting to like how the pieces could be lining up!
  18. Char

    Char New Member

    Here are my positions on the important issues, You tell me.

    Illegal Immigration. I don't care how it is done but the border needs to be locked down. Build a fence, build a moat, mine it, militarize it, whatever it takes, north and south. Once that is done, Anyone caught within the United States that cannot prove their legality should be sent on their way home, this includes children born on U.S. soil to 2 illegal alien parents. I realize that we cannot deport them all, the only ones that can stay are the ones that own property and have no criminal history. They can never vote in local, state, or federal elections, they can't ever receive any taxpayer paid benefit. (healthcare, foodstamps, housing, education, social security), and must pay the same taxes as everybody else plus %10 for life. Out of 20 million illegals, I think we can keep maybe 2-5 million of them if they speak English fluently.

    Taxes. Should be a national sales tax. No one should have to pay more because they make more. No one should be able to skirt their responsibility through tax shelters either. Under a national sales tax rich people will pay more in taxes because they will spend more. If the government wishes to help provide for retirement and healthcare, then it can be mandated that a small amount (%5-%10) of people's paychecks be placed into an account in that persons name that cannot be touched until retirement age (50-60). This means the government won't ever need to see it or for that matter be able to spend it. This is the most fair way to apportion taxes. The current system of tax collection is completely anti-American and unconstitutional. No gas taxes, no income taxes, no highway taxes, no capital gains taxes, no marriage tax, no death tax etc.

    Energy. Every home, business, and building should be powered by nuclear energy. 1 nuclear plant per state (or 2 states in some cases) and in the event of an emergency if one shuts down another one from another state takes over until the problem is fixed. Until a viable alternative to oil is developed we pump oil everywhere we can get it, and build the refineries to burn it. Biofuels and electricity are not a viable replacements.

    Global Warming. This is scam. If you wish for me to explain this further by all means ask. If you believe in man made global warming then I have bridge in New York I would like to sell you.

    Smaller Government. This could be a lenghty explanation. Refer to Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution and the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution. Anything not specifically enumerated shall be taken away from Congress and returned to the states. No social security, welfare, housing, highways, education etc.

    Abortion. I am not a Christian or even religious for that matter. Abortion is a barbaric procedure right out of the NAZI and Communist playbook. Human life is human life no matter how it came to be. The only abortions that should take place are in cases of rape or the life of the mother is threatened. Otherwise, it should be banned.

    Trade. This too can be lengthy, if you wish for me to explain this further then ask. For example, If GM and Toyota make a car that are basically the same and the only difference in cost is the price of labor, then tariffs that equal the labor cost difference shall be imposed. This goes for anything that is manufactured. Also trade should only take place between the United States and other free nations. Anything that is manufactured for the purposes of national defense including all parts should be made in the U.S.A. (tanks, warplanes, passenger planes, small arms, transports, warships, missiles, bullets etc.) All food should also be produced in the USA unless it cannot be.

    Voting. The only people that should be allowed to vote are property owners at least 25, with no criminal record. Or if you are in the military, police or other emergency responder. If you are on welfare or receiving any taxpayer benefit than your voting rights should be suspended. All voting shall be uniformed throughout the states and have a paper trail. No electronic methods of voting and no mail voting. Everyone must show proof of citizenship to vote. If you are too stupid to register properly or to properly select the candidate on the paper ballot then you are too stupid to vote. Anyone caught committing fraud or attempting to vote twice, or attempting to vote when not eligible, shall lose their right to vote for life.

    Foreign Policy. It is the destiny of the United States to help spread freedom to all people around the world in any way we can. If a country or a government wishes to benefit from a relationship with the United States, then they must make every effort to establish a free state for its people.

    War policy. I don't care who we go to war with or the reason for it ( be realistic when considering this) as long as the Constitutionally mandated process is followed and there is a tangible benefit. The military must be maintained to be the strongest force in the world. In such a case the government would be required to win the war as soon as possible using the concept of overwhelming force and the concept "all is fair in love and war". That doesn't mean needlessly massacering innocent people or torturing people, however it must be recognized that at times these things may be necessary. Definition of torture watch any of the Saw movies for what torture is. (Waterboarding is not torture). The military must be maintained to be the strongest force in the world. It should be capable of effectively fighting on at least 3 major fronts. Anyone who serves shall be paid the fair market value of a warrior and be exempt from all future tax burdens, and in the event of their death while serving, their families shall be taken care of. Definition of torture watch any of the Saw movies for what torture is. (Waterboarding is not torture).

    Gun Control. This too is right out of the NAZI and communist playbook. I would lift all restrictions on gun control. Any gun to anyone (citizens) from a revolver to a full auto machine gune to a bazooka. Anyone who shows themselves to be incapable of exercizing their second amendment right responsibly they will lose that right through due process. (murder, accidental shooting, robbery, mental issues etc.)

    If there is anything I missed, do let me know. If you wish for me to explain further on some these, I'll be happy to. Anyways, who do you think I should vote for?

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  19. brazenbrown

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    I agree with the enforcement of illegal immigration and have been active in voicing my opinion through this website....

    This sounds feasible but can't we just hang on to a few shelters??:happy-very:

    I'm not sure every state would need a nuclear power plant but I do agree that we should have been building them all along and I agree that we need to be getting much more of our own oil in our own yard as not to be dependant on the middle east!:thumbup1: We also need to continue to look for better fuel alternatives.

    And I have some swamp land in you know where!! What a scam!

    Government size is way out of control!

    I agree with this stand on abortion.

    I am for free trade and a global economy within reason.

    I'd have to say age 21 unless you're in the military then 18 is ok and property owner or not you should be able to vote. I like the welfare suspension idea and everyone must be a citizen to be able to vote!

    I don't think the USA should impose it's way of life on others, however spreading freedom everywhere is in everybody's best interest!

    I agree this is just common sense!

    A little over the top...But I do agree with the right to bare arms. I don't see the need for machine guns and bazookas unless it's the beginning of WWIII or a massive terrorist invasion being fought right here, then I would want at least equal armament a revolver is fine for now..

    Who to vote for???:confused2: I know it won't be Hillary!

  20. Char

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    No we can't. The tax policy and the tax code that exists allows for politicians to play the poor against the rich. Tax shelters typically favor the rich. If you keep taxes low rich people wouldn't spend time trying to shelter their money, instead they will invest which is good for everyone.

    I did say 1 plant for 2 states in some cases. Technically we do not depend on the middle east for our oil. I think only like %5 of our oil comes from there. We mostly buy from Mexico, Canadia, and Venezuela. But the idea is to diversify more and flood the market to lower prices.

    Global Warming
    Nuff Said

    Smaller Government
    The bigger the government the more freedom they take from you.

    I don't see how anyone could disagree.

    I am against free trade. I support fair trade.

    The age is debateable. The problem with everyone being able to vote is that people who don't have a stake in anything can vote to take part or all of your stake. Do you think companies would allow all of its employees to vote including those that don't own shares. Of course not they would all vote themselves more money without taking on the risks or responsibility. So why allow people to vote themselves money from the public treasury?

    Foreign Policy
    Do you think all people yearn to be free? If so its not really forcing our way of life on anyone.

    Gun Control
    Part of the reason for the 2nd Amendment was not only to allow the citizens to protect themselves and their family from invaders and intruders to defend their own property, but also to protect ourselves from our own government. If Hillary gets elected and she behaves like a totalitarian dictator, the Declaration of Independence says "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness” What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand.