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    :happy2:Our local is looking for anyone in the atlantic area supplement that may have some knowledge for the issues stated below.

    issue one- We have in our building a Preload Am shift and Twilight Preload Shift and Mid-Preload shift. The Am preload and Twilight Preload and Mid-night Preload are on the same senior list. Now when Preload Am needed help with AM they would call twilight or mid night preload in to help and on twilight and mid nights preload they would use preload am employees. This has been going on now for over 22yrs. Now UPS says they are going to stop this practice and now are using Lower senior HUB employees to fill the the work. We have filed for past practice and violations of 3.7 and 63 arts. But labor is telling the local BA they are not going to stop and they are not doing this other buildings. Now the twilight manager has told me the only steward on the preload am i cannot come back into his shift to investigate LOL. Is there other areas under the Atlantic Supplement doing this practice.

    issue two- in the Atlantic area supplment art. 63 section 3 says vacations for all full-time inside employees shall be covered by qualified part-time employees. Labor says the full time vacations only have to be covered for 22.2 inside jobs not 22.3 inside jobs. Then a week later he stated he has a panel ruling saying 23.3 inside vacations don't have to be covered at all. Again is there anyone in the Atllantic Area supplement that can give advice on this issue. SORRY any mis-spelling and such but I have lost my glasses again.
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    Here in NE, preload and hub people can't be intermingled. The union filed a grievance when (for ex) I would be starting early, and another inside 22.3 with more seniority could not. My bid was preload, theirs was not the preload operation. The grievances were shot down.

    I don't know if this helps any, but that's how it works here. Preload is seperate list and operation altogether.
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    that does help that is what we have been saying. Do you mind if I ask what local you are with? The reason I am asking is because my BA wants to call different locals to find out how they do their sorts so we can get this information for the panels at UPS Thank you!
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    Local #25 Boston, MA.
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    The actual example in detail I was thinking about was 2 years ago.

    I worked a Sunday day sort that I was offered work, not my regularly scheduled shift. (at time and a half, given it's a 1st punch of 6 in NE) The work was preload, which was my area for M-F. The day-hub grieved it saying that they had people with more seniority that wanted the work, however since they weren't preload they were not entitled.
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    Thank you.
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    I am in Local 61 which is in the Atlantic and it sounds like our operation is different from what you are experiencing but I will let you know how things work here. We have 2 part time shifts. A morning preload and an evening reload. The two shifts have totally different workers with totally different seniority shifts. PT seniority is calculated the same but everything else is different. Not sure it makes any difference but thats just how things work in this little local.
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    In the small buildings I worked, the PM and AM are seperate lists. However, when local sort people helped Preload, there are no problems because you only have one operation going at once.

    In the hubs (at least the one I'm in now), there's several operations going at once and the seniority and "whos work is it" song and dance really comes alive.