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    What are the procedure when a person about to get fired? Do they give you a letter or call you into the office and tell you? The reason I'm asking is because I feel like I'm going to get fired anytime now. I haven't done anything wrong etc.. always show up on time never late and leave when I'm told to. But these past few weeks I over heard the sups saying that I shouldn't have a job here. I'm not sure if they're referring to me or not but it feels like it. I'm just concerned because I need the benefits thats why I chose to work at UPS. I would like to know what the procedure for a person about to get fired at UPS?

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    If you've reached seniority(got your 30 working days in), you don't have anything to worry about as long as you're showing up on time and doing the job.
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    Hell, the sad truth is that he doesn't have anything to worry about even if he isn't showing up on time or doing the job. There are a couple of preloaders in my center that just about everyone (drivers and management) would love to can but it will never happen. You pretty have to steal to get fired. Dishonesty is hard to prove so management doesn't try that tactic much. If it all. Getting fired for accidents doesn't stick and comming to work drunk or high doesn't guarantee a trip to the door for a permanent vacation.
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    You're ok. They want you to feel bad. If you get any letters of warning, you must 100% write a greivance under the article with a remedy that you want this removed from your file. Give to a shop steward. There's a 99 % chance it will go away. You have 10 days to turn that in , or it stays in your file. You turn it in and you will get a copy from the union. Keep them in a file at home. At home every time they tell you that you're bad, etc., you document it. If it's more then once a week you write a letter of concern that goes to a shop steward. They will send it to the union, and both Corporate and you will get a copy. Document, document, document. Keep a list of every route you do. Hopefully you don't need it, but it's good to have. If 3 months go by and they say you missed a pick up on Jan 9th and on March 5th you look at your notes you might see that you were doing misloads that day and someone else did pick ups on that day. You can tell them you weren't there and accept their apology. You get the picture.Good luck.
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    With the GSS scanners all users have to login and their ID gets associated with misloads or whatever else. All they have to do is run a report and they can see what you did on any particular day.

    NEVER leave your scanner logged in and lying around, and never log in for someone else and let them scan with your ID. They can set you up very easily that way.
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    You are sooooooo getting fired.
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    ask how you can perform the methods in an improved way. if UPS tries to fire you, they'll pull you in a office with the dm and your steward and go for it. say you'll do your best and improve something. you really can't get fired other than stealing (as someone mentioned) or substance abuse :anxious: ...don't sweat it.
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    Dishonesty is such a vague term, out of all the sins, this one is the one that they most try to spin in 1000 different ways. They can nitpick if you are 5 minutes from one stop to another next door, they will start watching you on paper, gps , whatever. Nobody likes being watched and usually more mistakes occur when you think someone is. Maybe someone should be watching the chain smoker mgr going out 15 times a day to get their smoke fix, seems like a total waste of ups' time and money, but its ok if they do it....please. Milking the clock is milking the clock doesnt matter if your mgt or hourly., makes no difference...period.
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    Well, we had a driver fired for getting hurt (not following methods obviously since he got hurt) another for calling in sick (sup called his house 2 hours before start time and said he had to come in, when he said he was too sick to work he was not following instructions) and we have pending terminations for not making 9.5 (once again failure to follow instructions) so it seems to depend on where you are on how easy it is to get fired these days.
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    Step 1. Manager starts talking to you
    Step 2. Manager invites u into his office
    Step 3. Manager Says your fired

    Getting fired is as easy as 1 2 3
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    the full time has invite me to hr office. do i ready to get fired?
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    No no thats a promotion they are probably promoting u to District manager or better CFO
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    You over heard a sup saying you should be fired??? And??? Until it happens, if it happens I wouldn't worry. Sups have a tendency to talk a lot of :censored2: :wink2:
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    Read the contract.
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    It is possible to get hurt even if you are following the methods. To think that it is not is naive.'s more likely that someone wasn't following the methods but it's not extremely rare to get hurt while using them. The situation with the guy that got fired for "not following instructions" is pure nonsense and I don't see how someone could get fired for being over 9.5 seeing how those numbers aren't even recognized by the union. It's not an issue of not following's a dispatch problem. The only exception to that would be if the drivers were obviously stealing time.
  16. Hangingon

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    BA told us that you can be fired for any reason. They will get your job back in most cases, but it may be a few months. If you want any chance for back pay, well that will be a few more months.

    BTW, he has had a suspension stick for that 'not following instructions'. He instructs the driver to make 9.5, the driver doesn't for one reason or another, and is then hit with a 'failure to follow instructions' suspension. Quite a few are still pending so we're waiting to see how those turn out.
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    If the driver was instructed to make 9.5, then he should have made it and missed any stops he/she couldnt get to. Always work as instructed and put the ball in their court. Of course we've had situations where they have tried this::: "Make 9.5 and no missed" Ive NEVER seen one of those stick though.
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    Exactly, if they instruct you to be in within 9.5 hours that means you have to message them before you come in saying how many missed you will have. Then come in and scan all those packages as missed then punch out before 9.5.
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    Also, to cover more of your ass...send message saying you are coming in to make 95 and well have missed pkgs(sheated up as stated above).When you get in go to clerk(ASM) office and print out your messages for the day.Hold on to these messages forever..
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    If a sup told me this i would stop and call them. I would tell them that i cant make 9.5 and clean. Then i would ask do you want me to make 9.5 or to have service failures. I would let them make the decision that whats they get paid to do.