Production Bonus Voided !!!!!

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  1. The-UK-Guy

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    ' Ello all , its ben a while , hope everyones OK .
    for the last couple of weeks Ive been covering a large pick up , I finish my route around four O'clock then go out in furnature van and pick up around six to seven hundered next day air's. I made about two hours bonus every day but my check only reflected six hours. After making a few inquiries it turns out that if you clock in late, even just a minute late, all production bonus is voided for that day !!!!! Ive worked there 16 years and thats the first time I've heard anything about that sneeky little clause. (doesnt give you much incentive to work fast if your late to work huh) Thanks for letting me share.
  2. trplnkl

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    Thanks for sharing, you may have saved some other brother or sister the agony of first discovery.
  3. filthpig

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    I don't know anything about this "production bonus" but it's always been common knowledge that if you clock in late, you give up your 8 hr. guarantee.
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    Don't know how it works everywhere else, but here if you don't have an 8 hour planned day, you do not receive bonus time.
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    I have personally had it go both ways and I don't understand how or why. One time I get bonus with a 7.9 dispatch and another time I get no bonus with a 7.99. I just figure they balance out in the long run.
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    are you talking about over time
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    YEAH! Management doesn't talk about that much. But yes it's true and Yes, UPS can do that. I think I've only heard it once at one PCM. I work until 8 pm every night so none of that matters to me. I guess if your gonna try and catch that production BONUS (exactly what management wants you to do) you better clock on early. My first few years at UPS I ran the same way, Then I stared taking my breaks and discovered overtime pay gave me a (big-time) boost in my paycheck. So that's why corporate wants us all to run through our breaks. Anyway people, Just set a good pace out there and understand your going to be with the company a long time. Take care of your body, Take your breaks, You'll be glad you did when your pushing 50 years old.
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    I agree. Bonus isn't worth it for me. I here guys comparing and bragging about how much bonus they had the day before. It's funny to watch people when they come in each morning. The first thing they do is go look for their name on the OR to see how much they ran under for the day before. To me it's more impressive to get bonus if you walk and drive the speed limit and take your lunch then it is to get bonus by running and cutting corners all day. Plus, I'd rather get some OT once in a while. Don't get me wrong though...getting paid to drive home, or even while at home, is nice but to beat yourself up in order to do so isn't worth it to me.
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    UK Guy,

    After all you've been through to get your job back, you were late for work? I hope you called the center to let them know you'd be late. You know, having a clean slate to start over, don't give your management team any reason to take any disciplinary action against you.

    Oh, and welcome back, you are one of the most entertaining posters here. In a good way, of course!!
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    The-UK-Guy Tea anyone ?