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    What's going on guys, I just had a few questions (don't let my name fool you I hold my own). I've been working at UPS for a month and almost two weeks. I'm currently getting sent around the hub and placed on different belts almost every day. Sometimes I'll have three or four days with the same three or four trucks but mostly they move me around. Ive had close to six or seven sups that have worked with me and seem to all love my work ethic and load quality. In my first week I was pulling 225 PPH and I'm sitting around 250 PPH for two weeks now. I'm placed at the very front of every belt I work on with 3 trucks (two w/ 200+ & 1 with 310+ regularly). I have blow bys occasionally and the workers at the end of the belt are giving me some hassle but my point is, the splitter on my side is awful so I'm sorting and loading 3 cars and my names not Clark Kent. I'm pulling just as many packages per hour as the guys at the end of the belt who are giving me some stick. Should I be concerned about what they say because I feel like I do my job pretty well and contribute to the belts proficiency. Should I just pull my packages and say screw stacking/sorting the people's packages who are behind me because they're ass or am I just doing a poor job. Today's PCM is hydration so drink up fellas Haha
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    Just do your best,you sound like you are getting it,hang in there.
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    Next time you get grief from splitting the belt and missing some, ask them if they would like to have their packages come down the belt label up, or label down.
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    Tell alligator arms across the belt to do his bit !!!
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    Don't kill yourself trying to please anyone at this place. It'll never happen
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    Put buggies on their packages.
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    Most likely they are seniority employees who've been spoiled with the ease of their mundane responsibilities. Ignore them at first, then politely remind them you're doing your best. After you've been at UPS for a year or two, you'll just tell them to go F themselves.
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    I'm not really good at math or any of that fancy book learning. I'm just a PTer like you.....but I do know a thing or two about

    If you're loading 3 trucks (which is unheard of at my center...4 trucks is minimum).. at 200, 200 and 310 pieces in 3.5 hours (and you're probably working more like 4 hours but I digress)....That's a total PPH around 202. That is unimpressive at best, so quit tooting your own horn.
    How many cars are the other guys on your belt loading? My guess is more than you, and they're getting ticked because you only have 3 trucks....therefore you should have plenty of time to stack and sort.

    To answer your question....if your sup told you to stack/sort packages for the rest of the as directed (in other words, do what you are told.)
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