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  1. We've been starting 32 minutes late everyday for the last 2 months. Everyday drivers are going out and funishing P1's 30 minutes late. Which pushes back the other cycles by 30 minutes also. I guess the company has figured out that Most customers aren't calling to get their money back for late packages. Management thinks that starting someone 30 minutes late will cause everyone to push harder and get done at the same time. We had a vehicle roll over last week from someone speeding to get back to the station in time to make the outbound truck. So where are we really now with the PSP philosophy? Is it still People Service Profit? Or should it actually be Profit Service People?
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    Our accidents and injuries are through the roof, management doesn't give a crap though, it's all about cutting hours and threatening courriers.
    They want us to speed and disobey all traffic signals just like the folks over at ground, gotta double that profit!!!
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    Time to take the story if the rollover to the media. Explain to them why the accident happened. Sooner or later, FedEx is going to have it's "Dominoes Moment". Unfortunately, someone will probably have to be killed for anyone to take notice.
  4. It's truly up to the employees of this company to deliver PSP. They treat the people like garbage, we derail service and the company has no profit. Everyone in my area always says this. PSP is a joke and they should be ashamed of themselves.
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    BINGO! Garbage in....Garbage out. They don't seem to be able to figure this simple fact out.
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    That's 'cuz Smith and his buddies are THAT MUCH out of touch with reality. They all need to step down.
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    Agreed. They are totally out of touch.
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    I will keep on saying, it will be a sad day when a mother and her son are run over because someone felt pressured....
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    Now you're a remote crime scene investigator? Are you with the NHTSA or are you with the Insurance Institute?
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    "profit service people" would also be incorrect. People are no longer considered a part of the equation. Service is just something we pay lip service to. Profit profit profit would be a more accurate description of our present philosophy.
  12. You're exactly right. Thank you for helping me understand. I see that bright Purple light so clearly now! Idiot.
  13. I think you said it well. Those at the top are flattening the middle class. Uncle Fred could step up and take care of his people that actually used to care but he didn't so we don't either. You usually get what you pay for. He has severely cut employee earnings and the employees will gladly reciprocate.
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    Payback is Hell, and Fred is way overdue. We need to quit taking it and disrupt operations. Until the money machine "breaks", there is no incentive for them to change their tyrannical methods.


    Purple god has spoken.
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    I've been on the scene of a few rollovers of smaller commercial trucks and that's the most common cause. That's why I tell you fools that you're fools for speeding and driving unsafe.
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    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    Go make excuses for some unsafe drivers, why don't ya?
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    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    This is not a repeat from 2008, 2009,. 2010, 2011...
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    59 Dano Some of my best friends are black.

    Well the guy came right out and said that the idiot driver was speeding.
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    Not altogether true. There is another scenario that could cause the same effect. How 'bout front leaf springs breaking? Why do I bring that up? Something our safety department brought up. There are alot of old Express trucks for sale out there on Ebay. We of course can purchase them, but Express' safety department cautioned our division that if it were a matter of a couple thousaand dollars invested, many would still be at Express. In other words, many of these vehicles that a few short months ago were falling apart and heading for the scrap heap. Why put any money past essential into them? Not hard to believe a broken tie rod, spring pitman arm, steering linkage or other front end causing loss of control.