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Moving over to package and not going back through progression again


RolloTony Brown Town

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Same company

Different contracts. They are so not the same company... anyone who says they’re the same company hasn’t worked at both and seen the cultural differences between them. You have to quit ups freight to work at ups. If you quit ups at any location and try to go work at another ups location you’ll start over, in many instances, pay and seniority wise. Why would it be different for a freight driver?


“They” are coming for us.
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Not even close to the same company.
That's like saying Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken are the same company. Both owned by YUM Brands but you can't order a chicken breast from Taco Bell

You’re wrong. I have a dual Taco Bell/KFC near me. You can order off both menus. I get tacos and mashed potatoes all the time. I expect this type of answer from @upschuck , but not you.