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    I'm going from a 4 year to a 2 year progression. I was about a year and 3 months in when the contract was supposed to go into effect on August 1st. As of April I hit my 2 years. So now that it's been ratified am I at top out pay as of now or will it be August? Asking for me and another employee who were hired on at the same time. Thanks!
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    2yrs from your full-time seniority date
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    I was hired April 3rd so may 3rd would be full time seniority correct? So if anything maybe 1 more week till top pay?
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    Whenever you started your progression. Your progression doesn’t get bumped down. So if you started three years ago once your fourth year hits you’re at top pay. Yes it might end up that you get two bonuses this year because you’ll get your raise in August like all the top scale workers on top of your fourth year anniversary. What you’re saying though youre on your 2nd year this year. So I’m not sure what you mean by fourth year progression.
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    Mechanics we're in a 4 year progression are getting slotted into the new 2 year progression
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    According to the contract as a mechanic you top out, congratulations.

    Section 6-Mechanic Progression
    The progression for employees entering a mechanic job after August
    1, 2018 shall be as follows:
    Current Top Rate
    Start 85%
    Twelve (12) months 90%
    Twenty-Four (24) months Top rate
    Mechanics in progression on August 1, 2018 shall be slotted into the
    above progression.