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    I am a seasonal employee with expectations of working at UPS for awhile. This is my second time around since I loaded feeders for 3 years thru college (8 years ago). I wanted to try something different and was hired for ramp in a different state but during the first week of training they moved me inside to work in the hub. I have asked why and they say they needed more personnel in the hub than the ramp. They (ramp manager and HR) state in January I would be hired back for ramp. I have no problem “paying my dues” but I’m starting to believe they were blowing smoke because they have hired additional seasonal ramp personnel after me and I feel they would get the first shot at openings since they would have a month or two of experience. Keep in mind as a seasonal I get nothing (no benefits, no seniority to carry over). Do I believe them?
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    The first thing you have to do if you want to work here is NEVER believe what a tie tell's you. Actually if you do the opposite of what they tell you, you will be better off!!! It's worked for me for almost 18 years!!!! Good Luck!!!!
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    The only thing you need to worry about is to do your job, come to work, be prompt and all the rest will take care of itself .
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    See the fish with the big smile on its face?
    That's you.

    See the hook? That's your supervisor reeling you in.
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    Get out of there quick or YOU WILL be still waiting two years from now... You went where you were needed in the Hub and chances are you will do such a good job that the Hub supervisor will not want to loose you... Now if you do a bad job the Hub sup will not want you and neither will the ramp manager...

    You are seasonal and in three weeks you may not have a job...