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    I have been a sorter for the past 6 years at the Ontario, CA hub. I have kind of hit a wall here. I absolutely love the company and, want to have a career here. What promotion opportunities or different jobs are there? I am on bids for 22.3 combo openings and, also on the full-time driving list. However, I think that I have much more potential than doing 2 part-time jobs for the next 25 years(22.3) or, delivering packages for 25 years. Both which have decent compensation. What opportunities in the management aspect of the company are there? I didn't go to college due to working another full-time job, which, I no longer am doing. I have a good knowledge in finance and, am obsessed over it. I also obtained OSHA certification cards. I tried to put my letter in for part-time sup, but nothing came of it. Last year, I put in for full-time specialist, but was denied. Any suggestions both union and management? I feel I can accomplish so much just am not getting a chance to do so.
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    I was going to say something but I'll refrain good luck go getter.
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    Please tell us what your accomplishments will be.
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    (sigh) See this is a typical UPS response. Instead of suggestions, more questions. Probably the lazy 22.3's that will be phased out. Hang on to that tight! Or shop stewards that don't do *****! Every now and again come by with the BA thinking you are top *****, but then when the BA isn't there the shop stewards are nowhere to be found! Suddenly, they can't help you or know what to do. And, lay over for the full-time sups/managers.

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    That's really what the teamsters are all about. They only care about themselves. That's why your shop steward only comes around when the BA is in the building, and the BA only comes to your building so you guys can hiim there. That's why he walks the whole building so everyone can see him and know he was there. Here's my advice.

    You can't be that old. Take advantage of the money UPS will give you for school. If your broke then just take the amount of classes per semester that UPS will pay for. In this new era of college degrees, you will never get into Finance without one. Your not going to be a full time specialist without being a part time supervisor first. It really doesn't matter what route you take right now. Get the degree. You can't be a part time anything whether union or non union, and expect to have a prosperous life. Go to school.......
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    Seems like the Sups get transferred like crazy here. Be Ready.
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    1. Look elsewhere. We just downsized management 1800 jobs. More of that down the road from what I hear.

    2. Full time drivers working two part time shifts all over the country. Those who were going to retire just saw their 401k's nosedive and are sticking around a few more years. Full time driving positions not opening up.

    3. Part time supervisor job is called the dead-end job around hear. It is good on the resume though.

    Good luck
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    I feel the same man, so much potential, but being held back.

    I don't think college degree is necessary to get promoted. I have my masters degree, 25 years old, been in the pool for full-time supervisor for over 2 years, still no word. Being a part-time supervisor is a like a dead end job, you will always have to work two jobs to support self/family. You are in a tough situation, not many positions are available for combos now, but some of my combo employees are making like $24-25 dollars an hour and make up to 60k per year (that is about the same as full-time supervisor with much less stress and better health benefits, plus you have union protection). Don't become a part-time supervisor unless you are willing to put in the time to get promoted, it is not always by performance, it takes luck and knowing somebody. Usually there is a part-time supervisor position available, very high turnover rate with VERY little pay.

    UPS is only good if you are willing to put in the time and wait to get promoted, upward mobility takes awhile.
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    I kind of don't like this phrase. The reason being is because of the same thing i tell anyone that is looking for results they think they deserve and aren't getting. No one is holding you back. The only person holding you back is you. No one makes you stay where you are and do what you are doing. Just like when my 5 year old told me she wants to be an animal doctor.. I told her, you can do anything you want to do, you just have to want it bad enough. Excuses are easier to make than effort.
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    And to anyone looking to be management at UPS, be prepared to be a "yes-man". If you try and ruffle feathers they will eventually kick you out of the henhouse.
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    I love your attitude. You seem like a pleasant person. Unfortunately, you probably are at a wall. Just hang in there. Your supervisors would most likely love to promote you somehow, but just can't. There is no where for you to go. They are cutting jobs, not creating. Good luck to you. And keep that great attitude!!!
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    That seems to be a pretty jaded response; which is to say that, the only reason I can't make ten million dollars is because I didn't try "hard enough" (which itself is inherently subjective). Sure, that sounds good, but the practical reality is that we don't live in a meritocracy - the sad reality is that people cannot do whatever it is they want to do.

    I'm all for effort and it's relatives, but when you throw in with a huge global corporation, effort is the least of your concerns (the very rare exception withstanding).

    edit: Not that my response wasn't jaded, either.
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    that's exactly what I'm saying. There is all the money in the world out there to be made if you want it bad enough. Granted, some people luck into like a guy who creates a social network like Facebook, but for the most part, people that have money, earned it. America truly is the land of opportunity, you just have to take advantage of the resources available to you. My response is not jaded at all. I have succeeded more than I ever thought I would have and UPS has afforded me to do things I thought I would never do or have. I used to be a person who just thought, "well this is as good as it gets." Something in me changed along the way and made me realize that it doesn't have to be that way. There's a whole big world out there but you're more than welcome to stay on your own private island. Just don't complain when the wolrd passes you by.
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    Trying to be objective and just look at the evidence.
    It appears you don't have what UPS is looking for and besides, there is not much opportunity at UPS for anybody.
    And just because UPS is not interested in you, that does not mean other companies would not be interested.
    For someone your age and in your work location, UPS is now just another place to work to make money ... there is nothing special about UPS.
    Perhaps your future lies with another corporation or even better, your own business.
    Owning your own business is risky but very fulfilling for a motivated person.
    And, you can work P/T at UPS while you build your business up ... UPS benefits are pretty good especially if you are married with kids.
    Just some thoughts.
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    Upon further reflection while getting my hair cut, this post was ill-tempered, off-topic, and perhaps a bit stupid. Nothing to see here.
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    Agree about the combo; 90% of jobs around here are awful hours; however, less stress and no work goes home, ever. Plus if you are inside/inside there is no driving ( I know some have doubts, limitations, or the most popular deterent *hatred* for that sort of thing)