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    I work in a small rural center with only 13 routes and 7 employees on the morning pre-load sort. One of us unloads the semi, one SPA's, one dumps smalls and does surepost, and four people load the packages into the trucks.

    Previously I was the floater who dumped smalls and did surepost and I was also trained as the feeder shifter who would move the semi off the building before our second one came and then also switch the 2nd and 3rd trailers if we had 3. I've done this for 3 years or so.

    Well, one of our preloaders with more seniority than me was getting so many misloads that they almost got fired. Their solution was to say that they should have my job because they had more seniority. So far management seems to be going along with it, and they moved me to a preload position.

    The problem is that this other person is not trained to shift the feeders. Actually, I'm the only person on the sort who is. But now, I have to leave the pull to move feeders and all my trucks get stacked up and jacked up as packages go by and others try to stack them in front of my trucks or put them away for me (poorly at times) while I'm out moving the feeder. It's not fair for me or the other pre-loaders who have to try and cover the slack while I'm gone.

    No other pre-loader has ever had to pre-load and shift trucks like this. If I'm not going to be the "floater" anymore who does smalls and surepost then I don't want to have to shift the feeder anymore because that was a part of the initial reason why I got trained in it in the first place, so that I could be the floater.

    What is the proper way for me to resolve this? Can I just tell them I no longer want to shift the feeder if they make me do preload and then just not do it, or do I have to do it until my certification expires, which I think is a yearly thing?

    What are your thoughts?
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    When you're on vacation how is it done? Was your job bid back then?
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    Around here; nobody gets 'bumped' out of their position like that, if they don't want to be, regardless of seniority. But we mostly have large hubs (down to only 2 stand alone centers).

    Didn't you post about this awhile ago? I have a feeling any help you could have gotten from the union contract/grievance procedure has vanished because of time limits.
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    I have worked with many employees that had learned if you don't like your job just screw it up and UPS will give it to someone else. My advice would be to quit trying so hard. If package cars get stacked out because you are out shifting so what.
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    Thinking it over; since someone was moved into your old job, they're going to need to be trained to shift the trailers. Talk to your shop steward or union business agent (whoever was representing your coworker). In the meantime, concentrate on staying safe and injury free.
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    Past practice
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    I have been in your position. As long as you make it work, nothing will change. Mgmt is making your job harder and expecting you to make it work. Work at a safe pace while playing catch up or you will hurt yourself . Also dont try to kill yourself swapping out feeders or you will have an accident. Sooner or later they will get off their lazy butts and train someone. Until at a safe pace and dont worry about it. Its not your problem unless you make it yours.
  8. Call your business agent.
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    Work at normal pace. Once things get really messed, you will get help.