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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Dec 5, 2009.

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    My grandfather told me of a book of fiction that he read, that he couldn't remember the name of and I myself have always wanted to read.

    The story was, after the welfare state created more recipients than contributors, when the contributors rebelled against the state, they were then made slaves and forced to contribute.

    I am not a conspiracy minded person. But maybe the government is keeping the police fat and happy on purpose. Because once the possible (probably more like inevitable) police state is finally secured, the state will have the people they need who will be loyal.

    And willingly crush their friends and neighbors who disobey.

    Hmm, wouldn't it be ironic if it turned out N.W.A was right and we should eventually just say "@#$% tha police" :surprised:??

    P.S. I just watched your Red Pill link. I got a kick out of the free range chickens still winding up as a box of McNuggets :happy-very:. Ain't it the truth :dissapointed:!
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    Molyneux did 5 parts to the Statism is Dead on Youtube as the one you saw was Pt. 3. Checkout the other 4 if you get a chance.

    As for "The story was, after the welfare state created more recipients than contributors, when the contributors rebelled against the state, they were then made slaves and forced to contribute."

    I don't think that's fiction anymore!


    Just try not paying and see what happens!
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    It's much easier to be a non-contributor than a contributor.
    How does the state know the difference between someone who could be a contributor and those who can't.

    Of course, we now have "hate crimes" which sort of does the same thing.
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    Because they have...

    With all due respect to the Moody Blues :happy-very:.
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    If it walks like a duck...:happy-very:
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    This was circulating the internet:

    Let me see IF WE UNDERSTAND all of this...

    If you cross the North Korean border illegally you get 12 years hard labor......

    If you go into China illegally, you're considered a spy and get hard prison time......

    If you go into Germany illegally, you get a hefty fine, work it off or pay it off, then deported........

    If you go into England illegally, you are immediately jailed and deported.........

    If you cross the Iranian border illegally you are detained indefinitely....

    But, if you cross the U.S. border illegally you get . . . . . . . . . . .

    1. a drivers license
    2. A social security card
    3. welfare
    4. food stamps , and
    5. free health care???

    I Guess I still don't understand....maybe we need to vote our lawmakers out!!!!

    Let's go green... !!!!!!
    Recycle congress

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    Protecting property, even protecting the collective property we all own as citizens of this country, is so passé.

    We have a military that protects our borders by constantly being outside of them. We have police who are being relegated to the position of revenue collector.

    Isn't it awesome that our elected leaders still feel that allowing as much legal and illegal immigrants in as possible is still desirable even with real world unemployment numbers of close to 20%?

    They do it because they care...about suppressing wages and increasing corporate profits!
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    source: The Market for Liberty, Chapter 13

    You might find this of interest!
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    6. Ulmtd access to buy American Guns.....and smuggle them across the border to kill thousands of Mexican officials and rival gang members...

    7. A job..... replacing a more expensive American worker....of course contributing to the shrinkage and seperation of the working class to the Rich class

    8. To clean houses.... of Conservative leaning households who oppose illegals entering this country

    9. To mow the lawn...of Conservative leaning households who oppose illegals entering this country

    10. Illegals (approx 3/4--to 2/3's) do contribute Billions to Fed tax revenue....(those on the books) even SS and Medicare who will never use the entitlements.

    I'm all for keeping our borders in check, but with what military or Nat'l Guard who isn't already over in the Middle East kicking A s s as the World's Police Intervention force. Unfortuntely at the whim of our past Neo-Con Gov't's lackluster foreign policy initiatives.....(continued By the current President, which those on the right approve, but still criticize Obama by quoting "mad-man" Cheney's comments of "Dithering")
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    Should I be worried about what may be going on in the world or what may be going on in peoples minds?
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    11. the ability to protest against this government's treatment of border jumpers by demanding that they give you all the rights associated with what a citizen expects.
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    Worry about taking care of your ticker, eat right, plenty of quality grade omega 3, coral calicium regiment, and plenty of vitamin D (sunlight). It will add 15 years to your life and keep you disease free.....:peaceful: so you won't use up your IRA/UPS stock on healthcare bills before medicare kick's in.....
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    Just take solace in knowing that no matter what we think, the government, and the corporations that control said government, are going to do exactly what they want to do.

    Regardless of how much we discuss these issues on this here forum. We have no power. Even our power to vote is a sham when all you really get to pick from is the candidates the elites want us to choose. Do you really think they care Obama won? Of course not! McCain, Obama, it does not matter. Same difference.

    I'll leave you with this passage from one of my favorite movies, explains where the real power in our little piece of the universe resides...and it ain't with the Democrats and the Republicans:

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    You gotta like George's thinking!

    He's surely missed.
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    I am not quite up to Carlin's level of jadedness...but I am getting close.

    And your right, he is missed:sad-little:
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    The contributors will have jobs and the noncontributors will be those on Social Security, unless of course they have a good amount of purchasing power.