What is Carol and Brian’s new initiative?…Fit to serve….

What is this new initiative we are hearing of from the earnings call? Fit to serve?… Fit to serve what? Who? How?. More mysterious tag lines from the senior leadership…


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What is this new initiative we are hearing of from the earnings call? Fit to serve?… Fit to serve what? Who? How?. More mysterious tag lines from the senior leadership…

I probably has to do with the sudden discovery that there are way too many redundant high level executives that do nothing or at least are not worth their perks and salaries. Most of them have (at will) agreements, if let go they will leave quietly with their multiple-million separation packages and vested pension credits. The Old timers will have a ton of old UPS Stock which was at one time selling for 40 bucks a share around 2008, I recently saw an article about some of those executives that sold a considerable amount of their stock when the price was set at 190, it stated that this trend probably has to do with tax concerns.
I believe that this trend started over 6 years ago when they decided to eliminate any further funding or vesting in their own (UPS Retirement Plans) strictly for high salary management employees, I have some time in that plan and have paid the consequences of being an Union member just because we were asking the wrong questions about the disparities in it's funding relating to our final benefits.

At one time most of the executive board at UPS consisted of Old School executives who worked as Union Members and climbed that ladder. They go into their positions by playing the game, who you know and tagged along with their friends were promoted. There was really no creative thinking, they just ran with the pack and no one had a problem with it, the same thing was going on with our Union. It was always about protecting the "Product" nothing more. Most of these executive boards at UPS and our Union were frankly speaking (Middle aged, White Males)...anyone who wasn't one was excluded. Do not be fooled by the spin today about these (DEI) directives, when I left a year ago there where only 4 female RPCD's in our building out of close to 150 drivers, and half of them were on disability. I left with over 45 years in and I personally only seen less that than a handful of our female drivers ever retire at a service level with a decent pension level. Bottom line was UPS chose hiring and promotion strictly on the ability to do the job (physically), so they started a brilliant concept of hiring College Kids (19-25 years old). They never hired any one over 30 or started a family and 95 percent of those who made it past 30 days were Male. It was expected that these young part timers would get a degree and start their selected fields after 4 years, prior to being vested in a meager pension plan.

"Fit to Serve" will be only applied to their Non Union Management people...those in the Teamsters have already proven that they are "Fit to Serve".... Go on and offer these separated Management people the opportunity to go into a entry level Union job and see who will sign up for it or even last. My estimate is none of them, they just couldn't afford it or cut it...


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"Fit to serve" describes-deadweight non-union employees that will served up on a platter and tossed out like yesterday's garbage. Estimated savings is one billion.

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Fit to serve will be drug testing for hourly union members. No costly harassment, no extra middle management needed to do ride alongs, in order to get rid of people.

Just a nice hair follicle drug test that will tell them what you've been doing all winter, spring & summer.


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Too big for the shareholders and not the customers, which pay the shareholders

Us uneducated Union folk has been seeing this for years. Remember all those employee surveys with slanted questions, they never asked about our opinions about corporate decisions, it was all about slamming our own operational team, totally ignored anything we said or asked how to improve our customer base and service.

Using the pandemic (act of god) as an excuse to get rid of those money back service failure saved them a ton of money and added to the stock margins considerably. Over the last 5 years they upped their rates and added more surcharges, Fed Ex and the Post Office did the same, it was a gravy train for all the common carriers. The stock before the pandemic in 2020 more than doubled at its peak and everybody was praising Carol for doing such a fine job when in truth it was circumstances surrounding the sudden surge of E-Commerce. The board had decided before the pandemic to downsize their management, they couldn’t do it because of the volume. Now that the pandemic is over they started it back up (Better not Bigger).

They decided to go third party with their operations, HR, Customer Service, UPS/ Access Stores and eliminate or cut hours at the local Union run Customer Counters and started to have the Customers pay for services that were free. We all seen just how many of our loyal customers have left because of these corporate decisions.

When the operational management started to complain they too were ignored or bullied, I seen 20 year district and regional managers suddenly quit for no reason. They saw the writing on the wall and they knew it was not worth it, better opportunities elsewhere.

I just touched on some of the high points of that article…it is worth a read…