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    Good evening all,

    I'm a fairly new driver, about two years in. Recently our new center manager has been riding me because of my numbers, since I take lunch it's very difficult for me to come under most of the time (especially since I'm a cover driver). However, this last incident has been the last straw for me. I've been getting harassed and written up left and right for any list mistake whether my fault or not.

    But now I have been issued a 3-day suspension for using a sick day.. That's right, even though I called damn near 3 hours before my shift I was still written up the next day, pure harassment. I've been pretty lenient so far, but now I'm about to start filing grievances because I suspect there making a paper trail against me in order to use as leverage to fire me somehow.

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a huge target on my back from now on once I start filing, so I would like to know how more experienced drivers cover themselves from the obvious retaliation that's I'm about to catch.
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    Work Safely,Work By the Methods. Obey posted speed limits,be as close to 100% on the Telematics report as you can get and work as if the center manager is in the jumpseat( He is!)and it dosent matter HOW big the target is ,they cant touch you. They may threaten you,pull you in the office and try to make you mad or intimidate you( whichever method they think will be more productive) but at the end of the day none of it will matter. Liek a schoolyard bully they will tire of you quickly when you stand up for yourself and move on to easier targets
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    Averageguy, Ignore Loyal Teamster, he is anything but a loyal teamster. Simply work as directed and file the grievances as needed. If you file and they retaliate, file again. If you stand up for yourself they will back down. If you let them walk all over you they will make your life miserable.
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    Lol. Don't take that crap. Start filing grievances like crazy - which you should have had already been doing since you had your first written up. It's very hard - near impossible to get fired for production unless you really deserve it. Even if you move as slow as a turtle. Just ignore the manager whenever he hassles you about production. Tell him you are working safely and doing the best in your ability.
  6. Can I file a grievance if i gave a driver a misload, Sups have been telling that if we get a misload when they check our trucks its going to be an automatic write up.
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    Thanks for the responses,

    So what actually happens when a grievance is filed? Are the held accountable for anything, do they get talked to or investigated?
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    Never be scared to file grievances. Think of it as your 1st amendment right.
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    First how do you get a 3 day for a one sick call , do you have a lot of occasion already , if not did they give you a warning letter then a 1 day , then a 2day or they did jump right to a 3 day if they jump right to a 3day file your but off

    They can't give you a 3 day without giving you all the other ones first
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    Yeah I should clarify, he said that if there are other occurrences than it will be a 3-day. There are none but that hasn't stopped them from giving me a 3-day from the jump before so I don't think they are following that specific chain of command. I got a 3-day once because of a late air that wasn't mine before also, and that was the first occurrence for that type of situation.
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    Where's your steward in all this? What advice did he give you when they gave you a 3 day suspension? Did you file for backpay on the three day? I even wonder if you've even been talking to your steward at all as it seems your management team feels like they can do whatever they want to you and you'll just take it. Hope you're now :censored2: off enough to actually do something now instead of taking their erroneous claims.
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    1. Learn the Contract better than anyone in your building and becone intimately familiar with the grievance process. Engage your center manager frequently, effectively, and professionally.

    2. Perform a full , proper pretrip on your Package car every day. follow the UPS order, but learn and add all the missing steps at Refuse to drive any vehicle that meets out of service criteria. The pretrip will takeyou up to 15 minutes and coupled with your PCM and AM routine you'll be lucky to leave building a half hour after start time and there won't be a damn thing your center manager can do about it. If he tries you file a complaint with OSHA under the STAA whistleblower protection act. Now any harassment is going to be perceived as retaliation.

    3. Document, document, document.

    4. Make sure you are squeaky cle time when needed if the stress gets to Don't sabotage yourself.

    5. Get on FMLA intermittent leave. That way you have 12 weeks you can take 1 day at a time when the stress gets to you.
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    Write down EVERYTHING!
    Every time he talks to you, looks or way or farts write it down for future reference.
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    This sound like pure harassment, plain and simple. Our contract allows paid sick days, therefore, the company admits employees get ill at times and need time off.
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    I feel ill every time I put on my uniform.
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    Always remember that if they are :censored2: at you because of your production, they will be always looking for another reason to bring you into the office.

    The little mistakes are the ones your center manager is looking for, he knows he can't do anything about your production.
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    As others have said, and I'll reiterate - be professional in everything you do, and do it all by the book.

    I used to play the same sort of shenanigans when my bosses were mad at a driver - all the usual crap (e.g. switch loaders so the load quality sucks and the driver won't make their kids' baseball game), to the slightly more creative things (e.g. appearance guidelines).

    Just be careful, is all - even in war, there is a balance to be struck; if you really piss them off, they will find ways to get rid of you. You'll probably get your job back, and then they'll get rid of you again. This is fine, as in all likelihood it won't stick at a panel, but they only have to be right once and it's all over.
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    You need to be getting in contract with your stewards and especially your business agent.

    If you served a three day suspension for calling in sick and it was agreed upon, something is seriously :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed at your local. If it was issued and hasn't been served, contact your BA and see what he has to say.
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