PT Package Driver App. with Peak season acknowledgement?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by pensfan, Jun 14, 2009.

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    Hello all,
    New to the boards here. I have been at our hub here for over a year and have signed the PT Driver bid sheet. I have been told I'm eligible. I was told I had to go back online and fill out an application again. While filling out the application part of it is that you have to agree to acknowledge that you are a peak season hire. How is this so when we are not near peak season yet. It will not let me finish my app. without agreeing to it. What should I do? The driver's school is next week.
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe.

    Previous posters asking this question were advised to go for it and get driving experience anyway you can but don't take my word alone.
    Others will advise you.
    Do you get to work your normal P/T job on the days you don't drive?
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    If you worked as a peak season hire just agree,if you are worried about it affecting your status as a driver,do nothing and ask a lot of questions where you work.Not everyone has a computer.
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    I was not hired in as a peak season hire. I started in 2/08 on preload. What I was worried about is the way it is stated can they come to me on 1/10 and say we don't need you anymore? Or would I just go back into the hub on preload again?
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    You need to get those answers locally from UPS and Teamsters and preferably in writing.