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    So ive been a pt sup for nearly a year, with the company for 3, and in the National Guard for 2. So my question is simple, some of my fellow pt-ers have brought up how we are salary and asked if i get paid when i go out on orders. Im leaving for 2 weeks this month to Idaho for a mission, and for a month(june) to go to california. Now while im gone, should i be getting my salary still? Wanted to bring my question here before i took it to my full timer
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    Sure why not.
  3. DavySoGravy

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    Honest answers please.. Dont want to sound greedy but if im entitled to it id like to recieve it
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    I don't think UPS has to pay you while you are gone. Just have to hold your job until you return. Some companies will make up any lost income between military pay and civilian pay but I bet you make more being in the Guard then working PT.
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    Thanks for the good answer car washer! I wasnt expecting a yes, was telling my fellow upsers it didnt work like that but thought it wouldnt hurt to ask.
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    My husband used to be a part time sup before he became a driver. He ended up getting deployment orders. The first set of orders was 9 months, then extended to 18 months and finally 26 months. During that time he did not get paid from UPS and UPS does not have to pay you. The only thing they have to do is keep a spot for you and when you get back if you where due any raises they have to give those to you once you are back.

    For my husbands raises it was hell to get those. We told the center manager that we would hire a lawyer and take them to court if they didn't do what needed to be done. The fun part was payday. For some reason they couldn't figure out why my husband wasn't being paid. It took a month to fix this mess.
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    You get nothing and will like it.