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    Can someone tell me the difference in benefits between a union PT preload employee and a non-union PT supervisor? I'm considering making the jump, but I'm aware that non-union employees must pay for their own benefits. I know nothing more than that. Can someone provide insight? The way our current Supervisors talk, they have it worse than us. Is that true or are they just making it sound worse than it is? I understand the increased hrs and salary (1200-1400?) part of things. Any info helps.

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    First of all what part of the country are you from?
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    sorry. Montana. I've worked preload for 3 years and am at 12.45/hr. I get about 17hrs/week right now.
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    I really don't know anything about your supplements. I would talk to the part time sups and your shop steward before you make the jump. May I ask why are you going into supervision ? Are you looking to go full time ?
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    No plans for full time as of now. Definately no driver plans, possibly management down the line. I'm getting tired of being taken advantage of. I've dealt with it for 3 years now, but lately it's getting frustrating.

    I've been a model employee the whole time. I'm one of the few (if not the only one) who can and does cover every job in the preload (unloader, spa, split, load, data, etc). When someone calls in, I'm the guy that covers. During Peak (december), there are usually 2 people that have to load trucks outside in the snow/cold. Should be the lowest level employees, but for the last 2 years I've done it with no problem. Of the 15 or so preload employees, I'm currently 5 or 6 on the seniority list.

    When I started working here seniority ruled. i have always been fine with that idea. Now that I'm moving up the list, they have decided to make us all equals with everyone sharing the dirty work. I believe this to be because I am a team player, the Supervisor is non-confrontational, and the employees with the least experience are the biggest complainers. He doesn't want to upset them and he knows I'll go along with whatever, so I am the one who gets the shaft anymore. One of our Supervisors is leaving and the position is there for the taking.

    I know that Supervisors get yelled at/pressured daily from above, but since I have no real long term plans and have never seen a supervisor fired/diciplined more than getting talked to, I feel I can deal with the pressure with a laid back attitude. I understand that everything rolls downhill and I also understand every job in the building, so I think I would make a decent supervisor. Of our 2 current supervisors, 1 has never loaded a truck but has unloaded for about a year and the other was hired off the street so he's never done any union work. I've been at UPS longer than either of them.
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    I have been at upsa 23 years and know that part time sups take sh t from everybody. they do make a little more money but they also have to help pay for bennes. if you plan on going full time i would suggest you stay a teamster. if you become a sup you have no protection if they want to fire you out the door you go. it is a decesion that only you can make. good luck with whatever you do.
  7. in our area the hourlies have better healthcare last I checked. Then again that is up here in the northeast
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    So you don't think supervisors get taken advantage of. LOL !!!!!!
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    MTUPS, how old are you and do you have single coverage on your healthcare or family? Those questions are critical in helping you to decide to stay PT Union or go into management. As a mgmt person, you do have to pay for your own healthcare, the amount paid will depend on your selections. If you are a young person who rarely goes to the doctor and only has single coverage, you can select an option that does not have a premium deducted out of your paycheck, however, you will be responsible for the first $1500 of your medical care before insurance kicks in. Before you make your decision, make sure that you get with someone in HR and make sure that they show you the matrix of health care options which includes the cost.
  10. I've been interviewing and am wanting the kind of information your mention above in order to decide whether or not to even work for UPS vs. some other companies I'm interviewing with. Is there an easy way to look at my area's information to compare benefits? I'm in Virginia. I've been interviewing for what I thought was "Package Delivery Driver" only to find my application job title recently changed by HR to Air Bid Driver and they keep using the term "Reg Temp". Does this make a difference? I've also just applied for Administrative Assistant II, but no nothing about this other than it is part-time.

    Any info any of you can share is most appreciated!
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    Part time supervisors get abused just as much as the teamsters do... Perhaps more so because we get it from our teamsters and then we turn around and take it from management. It's not bad if you can come up with a resolution that everyone is happy with in the end. You must have a thick skin. Working in a close environment, things sometime get personal and you get frustrated easily. There's a laundry list of things, but in the end, it's something you really have to decide for yourself. I was never a teamster, so I wouldn't know how that side of things works, but I do know that I am happy with where I stand as a part time supervisor.
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    i dont understand, how the hell does UPS keep ANYBODY at these wages working so few hours??? its not even worth getting out of bed for
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    3.5 hour guarantee per day for 5 days is 17.5 hours.
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    In my area, we PT sups pay about $240 a month for benefits. You can also elect for the benefits, however, in which you have a bigger deductible, and are only responsible for about $35 a month minimum. The more the you put in a month on that plan, is available to use toward the deductible, and then whatever after the deductible is met. Most of us make about $1200/month when it's all said and done. With the hours you work now, you will make slightly more in management. I personally don't feel it is worth it though. You have the union behind you right now, and you should use it. Make sure you are fighting for the positions in which you won't feel like you are being taken advantage of. It's called seniority for a reason. And honestly, there is a good reason a lot of people stay union. It doesn't matter if you are a hard working person. It doesn't count for anything when a less senior person who bitches more, gets more. And if you really can cover everything, they will really take advantage of you when you go part-time management.
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    Reg temp means that you are only a cover-driver with no seniority rights. Basically, you'll top out a lower pay and never "make book". If you search for UPS-Teamsters Atlantic supplement, you can find the c ontract language regarding pay and other issues of "temporary cover driver". That's my understanding, not saying it is 100% right or wrong.
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    And these people say they are being taken advantage of. More like willing victim.
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    I was that same person. Started on preload in 2001, did every job in the building (unload, sort aisle, pickoffs, preload). Every position, every prelload (before PAS). I got used and abused as a youngster and no one was to blame but me. One thing to realize is you get nothing out of trying to be a hero except more work. And you will never be good enough for the company.

    In 2003 put a letter of intent in, did the MAPP testing, and was offered a supervisor job. However, I wasn't feeling sure about it, so stayed union. I was talked out of supervision by one of our building stewards, infact. I'm happy for that.

    In 2004 the same Division Manager who tried to hire me started to harrass me at least once or twice a week and he never let go until I left in 2006 in a FT bid.

    However, like I have said before on here, the best decision I ever made was not going into mgmt with this company. I have a degree, also technical certs (easily enough to hire into TSG or other tech based divisions), but it isn't a very appealing choice once you have seen all sides of the coin and hear supervisors, TSG, i.e. complain almost symptomatically.

    Staying hourly is where it's @. Have a full-time job, no responsibilities once I punch out, no care or concern for any fairy -tale numbers or heaps of meaningless paperwork. I can live my life how I want without having a monkey on the back.

    You are at seemingly those same very crossroads right now, so think long and hard before you make your decision AND DO NOT LET MIDDLE MGMT SKEW YOUR THOUGHTS OR ACTIONS. They will give you big smiles and handshakes if you put your letter in and pass MAPP testing , I assure you that treatment will not last.
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    I have worked with UPS for almost 14 years. The first 2 1/2 yrs I worked on the Preload loading cars. I knew when I started that I was looking for a supervisors position. I did not hesitate to take the opening when it came along. I have NEVER regretted my decision to do so. The pay will not increase at the same pace as union hourly. You will be expected to prove yourself. That is how your wages increase, which I agree with. I would never be satisfied to come into a job and be less than interested in growth. However, if that is the job you like, then supervision is not for you. The only thing I would caution you about is the recent changes to health care coverage. You will be expected to carry a good portion of the load, and it doesn't look to be getting better in the future.