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    What is the process of transferring into a different hub in the same area and also how. thanks
  2. Ask your HR rep.
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    Write a letter stating that you want to transfer from hub/center "A" to hub center "B" for educational reasons. Sign and date it and give it to HR (preferably the head honcho) and tell them that you want to transfer to another hub for education reasons like the letter says. They'll either ask your full-time sup for approval or have you take the paperwork to them yourselves. If they approve the transfer (no reason why they shouldn't) then your HR rep arranges for the transfer if/when there is an opening where you want to transfer to. Some HRs require proof that you will be attending the college near the hub/center you want to transfer to. Tell them that you plan on attending as soon as possible. If that's not enough just apply. Most colleges will give you an approval letter. That's what I used for my proof but I didn't actually start attending until the following semester.

    I transferred as well as 5 other people in my center. Five of us experienced "snags" in our transfers and those snags were our full-time sups doing anything and everything to delay the process simply because they didn't want to have to deal with replacing another experienced body. If this happens to you don't sit back and take it. Keep pressing the issue and tell the HR rep it's happening.