PTer going to Driving School DURING February/August 1st

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    Anyone know how that would work to go from PT to FT during a split raise period, specifically, when your PT rate is greater than the first year driver rate (Air or Regular)? (***see bottom of post for matrix example, for clarity) -- I understand that your seniority date, if you qualify, backdates to the first of 30 qualifying days--with up to 10 additional classroom days. But this sounds like it can kind of screw people over twice a year. With that, I have a few inter-related questions.

    1) If you DO qualify, do you immediately move into progression as of say January 29th, and completely forfeit the split raise?

    2) If you don't qualify, do you then miss out on the Split Raise altogether (because you weren't a PT in progression, or would it be retroactively applied?)

    A matrix to help visually:

    - - - - - - - - - DAY 1 YEAR 1 18mo
    w i t h G W I: (15.12) (15.12) 15.50
    without GWI: (14.70) 15.00 15.50
    () = Red circled dates....Air Driver rates: 14.50 (seniority), then 15, and 15.50.

    So a 1st year 42c/hour loss, followed by 12c/hour for 6 months. This isn't millionaire money we're talking about here, but that .42 can translate to nearly $1000 in a year.
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    Another difficult-to-follow question.

    The Start Rate for full-time Air Driving is $13.50.

    The Start Rate for full-time Package Car Driving is $16.10. (Or your current part-time pay rate, if higher than $16.10 and you were on the payroll as of July 31, 2008.)

    You are not entitled to any split raises while you are in either progression.

    The progressions start the day you transfer to full-time.

    If you fail to qualify as a full-timer, you go back to part-time, and part-time pay, just as if you never left.