public knowledge - PT to FT driving list?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by chopstic, Apr 13, 2008.

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    Is there a way to check who has been hired from the PT to FT driving list? I have been waiting on the PT to FT driving list for a while now with no luck. In my district there are three centers/hubs, I work at the airport which is incredibly small compared to the other centers. Problem is our PT to FT driving list is shared between these 3 hubs/centers. Being in the smallest hub i never see or hear about who is getting hired on as drivers, so i have no way in knowing if they are truely following the seniority list when hiring, is this hiring made known to the union? so as to make sure they are following seniority? is there any way i can find out who's getting hired and their seniority dates? is this public knowledge (well... public knowledge to employees at least)?
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    Thing hiring is done by hanging a bid sheet for a FT job. You sign it, with your employee number and seniority number. If they are not posting the bid sheet in your center, you need to talk to your steward and grieve it.

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    I don't believe that's what he's asking....He is signed on the list but he wants to know who is being hired FT and how he can find out what employees they have chosen (meaning if they hired in order of seniority or if someone pulled a string to hiring someone with little or less seniority) .....I am curious as well in my facility...I keep close eyes on that kind of stuff, What you should do is find a union rep or shop steward who you can trust to investigate it each time they begin hiring...And I would call Human Resources often to see how close on the list you are
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    It all depends on what part of the country you are in. Under the new national contract the union has to be notified every time a fulltime position is filled and by who ups ptimer or sup or off the street hire. I suggest you talk to your steward and have him get in touch with the agent. If you dont hear anything within 2 days cqall the union hall and ask for a ups agent.

    How long have you been employed at ups?
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    the problem is that i dont ever hear about when they are hiring. The driving list is probably 300-400 people long and their are only 6 people from my building on the list. all the driving jobs are in different centers so i am never aware of when they are hiring new drivers. Maybe I'm just being paranoid thinking they would not honor the seniority list. But management has proven themselves to not care about union rules.
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    But management has proven themselves to not care about union rules.

    Yes, they do, ask your manager to get with your district Labor Manager as they approve all job bids, along with the business agent in most districts.

    Just another avenue for you to explore. Good Luck
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    Yeah their list is always 300-400 people long because they NEVER update the darn thing. They have names on the list from like 2004 and most of the employees are already FT in some shape or form...It's a joke...I always wonder, Why not call the people that are on the "current" sign up list?? I only knew they were hiring last year because I was in the middle of doing seasonal driving and my center manager had told me how many they were taking and that he wanted to bring me back....I would keep calling Human Resources often like I said and ask them where you are on the list and ask when they are hiring, And let them know you want to be FT
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    And maybe the next time the Business agent or union steward are in the building, you may want to point out the inaccuracies on the bid list.

    I can only speak from the districts I worked in, but do know the Labor Manager would take down the bid list when the bid job was filled and keep in on file. Just in case an employee felt the bid job was not honored in seniority order. And I have seen that scenario more than once.

    Doesn't usually sit well with the steward or agent when the employee is complaining and never signed the bid sheet.

    I'm not saying that is the case here, but sometimes employees need to be more assertive, than to just accept they are not hearing anything when in another location within the same local.