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  1. Thought I post random news that has purple color featured in the background or front(for the Eye) on the picture associated with the news. It just seems like it's keep intensify from red and blue, the two start merging together.
    Don't ask me, no common sense here just random. :crazy:
    Well let's start with this one for today, nice background too.
    Iran condemns US for taking group off terror list - Yahoo! News
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  3. To be fair, here is this for the white twin. It's from his twitter account.
    The Romneys Play Jenga: Mitt’s Debate Prep in Photos - ABC News
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  5. I try spice the post with some music too. Katy Perry: Wide Awake
    and of course there is enough esoteric symbolism for the eye to meet like in any vids ;)
    Music starts at 0:40 mark
    Katy Perry - Wide Awake - YouTube
  6. Ohh happy new year we made it through 1 more month (hah time) to go.

    This week sensation I guess:768992.jpg