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  1. OrioN

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    I warn my customers ahead of time last month every peak that there will be rental vans driving around in the dark, including me...sketch-1575519899074.png

    My regular FedEx box truck is down with a bad water pump, radiator, plastic serpentine belt tensioner pulley disintegrated... I had a sexy Ford transit for the past week, but had to upgrade to a box truck so I can cram more pieces per day

    This is after my first 60 stops... 140 to go at 1500. I preloaded it like a mini trailer in total stop order 6 walls. Stress free without any micro management on my butt

    I prefer the budget rental that is 12' but they have none, 10' is just too small for the amount of irreg and oversized boxes we're getting lately
  2. The Driver

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    we don’t have them here yet as far as I know. Major midwestern city.
  3. Brownsocks

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    I would kill for that volume. Lol. We are getting hammered.
  4. Brownsocks

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    I'm in a major mideast city and I can tell you that your better off without the headaches. We have to shuttle pvd routes on our way to route and dispense and pickup their phones too. Seasonal drivers are much more effective and versatile then pvd drivers.
  5. OrioN

    OrioN double tap o da horn dooshbag

    So are we... I just rolled 80 pieces last night (out of 240 in this dumb vehicle), clocked out at 00:01


    That's after 30 stops yesterday and it's still bricked out, LoL
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    Sex doll
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    The 3 Bears?
    16' is too big, 10' is too small, and 12' is just right?
  9. rocket man

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    Scan get a job with us during the year
  10. OrioN

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    Yeah I don't want too much work for this area or else I'll be out until 00:00 & these cheap subcontractors won't pay hourly
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    I wana see the car your driving
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