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I just have to say, I'm SHOCKED that this thread hasn't been swarmed by people saying that you were a scab and didn't deserve to have gotten paid, let alone have gotten a job at UPS without being in the union in the first place. So to that end, I'm just going to say "You're a scab and shouldn't have been taking away work from union workers in the first place".

But in all seriousness, I do agree that if you worked those two hours you're owed the money, period. But someone already beat me to the punch as far as getting in touch with the Department of Labor. Whether or not you'll get particularly speedy results doing that is a different matter, but it's really the best option available.

That said, I sincerely hope you weren't one of those people who thought "It's (2022, now), no one needs a union anymore". The way management is treating you in regard to a simple pay discrepancy should (hopefully) tell you otherwise. I always say to those people "Try working at UPS/FedEx/Amazon for a week, hell, a day, and tell me we no longer need unions"

Okay, so I’m new on here. I was and still technically am a PVD. I get it I’m not one of the permanent drivers but still busted my butt and deserve my pay. Management has been nothing but crap and disrespectful. Been told several times your really worried about two hours, 😳. YES I AM! Common sense, I worked I’m Owed. I’ve had several issues with them taking time of weekly and then having to fix it(pissed they have to also) I am owed 2 hours of pay and a referral and have been waiting on pay for over a month now with weekly check ins on where it’s at and I keep getting we have to wait on corporate to approve for the next week. Same the following week. I message what’s going on the following week and get “oh you didn’t receive pay your pay?” Of course not, so then I get “I’ll put it in with payroll again.” Here we are again and nothing and no response. I’m just not sure what the next step is. Also to add I qualified for the referral and they person stayed hired on per referral rules so yes I am owed it. I’m just irritated.
A had similar problem. After all i decided to just work slower and make more brakes and punch out as latest as possible. All concept with PVD s is stupid. They put you in position to be less productive and to cheat with hours to get better compensation. They stimulate you to work bad.

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That's exactly the reason to just report them to the state Labor board, by filing a claim. The wage & hour dept in each state is like the "union" for the common working man. They make sure employers are following the law, and people are getting paid for their work. It is illegal in the United States to not pay people for their work. In most states, you can only delay payment for on average one week past the agreed upon pay schedule, to remain legal. Any longer and the employer is violating the law.

This is not well understood at UPS; because so many in corporate, management and operations have only really ever dealt with the union and the union's processes.

Another reason to file a claim is because that is all UPS understands. I've been at the company long enough to skip the complaining, skip the arguing, skip the fighting, and just file a grievance or claim (as in this case) with all the force I can muster. The fighting & arguing just gets you on the company $#!+ list.
Cut your losses and Move on. You won't be paid for those two hours regardless of what you say or do: you have no union backing and the Company doesn't have any reason to care about paying you.
The fact that you were a good seasonal employee means NOTHING to the soulless bastids that run this company .
The Supervisor you are talking with certainly isn't " putting it in with payroll" rather he is lying to you.
I actually got it all, 2 hours, my referral. Even got penalty pay!!